Aero Boero 115
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Aero Boero 115

Three-seat all-metal light monoplane suitable for private or business flying, training and agricultural use. Prototype first flown on 12 March 1959. Versions built included the AB 95 Standard with a 71kW Continental C-90-8F flat-four engine; AB 95A De Lujo with a 74.5kW Continental O-200-A engine; AB 95A Fumigador agricultural version with an O-200-A engine and dusting or spraying equipment; AB 95B with a 112kW engine; and AB 95/115, which was similar to the AB 95B but with an 85.5kW Lycoming O-235-C2A engine, mainwheel fairings and a more streamlined cowling.

Aero Boero 115BS was a final production version of the Aero Boero 95 and 95/115 series. First flown in February 1973. Similar to the AB 95/115 but with a sweptback fin and rudder, increased wing span and greater fuel capacity. Twenty-five built. Production ended in 1976.

Aero Boero 115

 ENGINE1 x Lyc. O-235-C2A, 85kW
    Take-off weight770 kg1698 lb
    Empty weight490 kg1080 lb
    Wingspan10.4 m34 ft 1 in
    Length6.9 m23 ft 8 in
    Height2.1 m7 ft 11 in
    Wing area16.4 m2176.53 sq ft
    Max. speed210 km/h130 mph
    Cruise speed190 km/h118 mph
    Ceiling5200 m17050 ft
    Range w/max.fuel900 km559 miles

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Howard Allmon, 28.04.2012

A correction for you inital sentence. The AB 115 is tube and fabric.

Orvon Grover, 11.04.2012

Please don't sell aircraft to arab country, they will crash the plane into your clubhouse.

Paulo Winter, 05.10.2011

There are also an glider's puller equipped with an 150hp engine and a reinforced structure.

Paulo Winter, 05.10.2011

This airplane used to be the main fleet of basic trainer on the airclubs around Brazil. There are still some around in Brazil training the new pilots.

, 17.09.2011

Aero Boero115-1969 is classic wing configuration plane, I like it.

, 17.06.2011


Glenn, 26.01.2011

Beautiful aircraft. How many sold; how many still in service? What type of construction, e.e. tube & fabric, aluminum skin..?

dave aircraft restoration & re, 18.01.2010

nice looking airplane. are there any around.?

bob, 24.12.2009

is there a war type?

almacedo, 05.10.2009

Im fly Boero every years.
PP-GIX, is a beautfull ligth aircraft for initial flyng intructions.

Test, 27.04.2007

Testing, 09.03.2007

Dear sirs,

I don't sell any of these aircraft ! :)
All this data is for informational purpose only !

Mohamed Haidar, 09.03.2007

dear Sir
We have order on purchasing 6 agricultural A/Cs ,end user Syria
Please qoute commercial prposal on 6A/C AB-180 with full equipmemnt for agricultural works
B regards
M Haidar

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