FMA I.A.30 Nancu
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FMA I.A.30 Nancu

One prototype only.

 ENGINE2 x 850hp Rolls-Royce Merlin 604
    Take-off weight7600 kg16755 lb
    Empty weight6208 kg13686 lb
    Wingspan15.00 m49 ft 3 in
    Length11.52 m38 ft 10 in
    Height5.16 m17 ft 11 in
    Wing area35.32 m2380.18 sq ft
    Max. speed740 km/h460 mph
    Cruise speed500 km/h311 mph
    Ceiling8000 m26250 ft
    Range2700 km1678 miles
 ARMAMENT6 x 20mm cannon, 250kg of bombs

Paul Scott, 12.03.2017

Wikipedia states 1800 HP Merlins confirmed


Could have been a nice plane.

Paul Scott, 21.05.2012

A lot like the Welkin as well as the Hornet.

Peters Leandro, 28.02.2011

There is an error, are 1850 hp motor. This can be seen in the four blades of the thruster. Even the first R & R Merlin had 850 hp. Greetings

tony, 21.11.2010

Re: 460 mph with a pair of 850 hp "Merlin" engines? Impossible. Now, those engines may have had 1850 hp, but I never heard of any Merlin with only 850. (1850 is itself a bit of a stretch but not impossible, and would have been enough to swing those 4-blade props fast enough to hit off over 400 mph)

Karl, 12.08.2010

This plane was similar in koncept like De Havvilland Hornet and had Merlin 130 engines of 2000 HP each.

Tony French, 16.07.2010

850hp Merlin ? 460 mph on two 850hp motors ? Unlikely

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