FMA I.A.33 Pulqui II
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FMA I.A.33 Pulqui II

Intended to replace the Gloster Meteor F.Mk 4s in service with the Argentine air force, the I.Ae.33 Pulqui II (Arrow II) was designed by a team headed by Germany's brilliant Dr Kurt Tank. Not surprisingly, it embodied some of the results of the advanced research carried out in Germany during World War II, incorporating a shoulder-mounted wing with 40° of sweep-back, and a T-tail with all-swept surfaces. Landing gear was of retractable tricycle-type and power provided by a Rolls-Royce Nene turbojet mounted in the rear fuselage. The pilot was accommodated on an ejection-seat in a pressurised cockpit, protected by armour and a bulletproof windscreen, and enclosed by a sliding canopy that could be jettisoned in emergency.

The first of four-flying prototypes made its maiden flight on 27 June 1950 but it was not until 18 September 1959 that the last was flown. In the intervening period the first prototype had crashed and Dr Tank and his team had left Argentina. These factors, coupled with serious financial problems, meant that development came to an end.

FMA I.A.33 Pulqui IIA three-view drawing (1660 x 1143)

 ENGINE1 x Rolls-Royce Nene, 2268kg
    Take-off weight5550 kg12236 lb
    Empty weight3600 kg7937 lb
    Wingspan10.60 m35 ft 9 in
    Length11.68 m38 ft 4 in
    Height3.50 m12 ft 6 in
    Wing area25.10 m2270.17 sq ft
    Max. speed1050 km/h652 mph
    Ceiling15000 m49200 ft
 ARMAMENT4 x 20mm cannon

Martín, 15.06.2016

Es más parecido al Lavochkin La-15.

Paul Scott, 24.05.2016

Thanatos - what a prick! You didn't realise then, that the engines for BOTH the Pulqui 1 and 2 (This one) were powered by your 'enemy's' (Britain's) engines.


Looksvery much like the Mig 15 or 17. By the way the U.S. have never been "Imperialists".

Strelok, 01.09.2012

Es una lastima que estos proyectos hayan sido cancelados, lo mismo con el IA.e 37 horten y el IA.3 48 horten.
Kurt tank y reimar horten fue lo mejor que le pudo pasar a la fuerza aérea de nuestro país y lo dejamos ir.

Gus, 26.07.2012

VERDEAMARELO, andate a la concha de tu madre.

VERDEAMARELO, 27.01.2012

Los idiotas e patrioidiotas argentinos, vão a la mierda, voces i su industria de mierda nunca conseguiran se equipar a la industria brasileira. Façam como el passaro australiano, puenham sus cabesas en um buraco e deixem sus bundas para fora ahahahaha voces são ums bosta, seja em mateiria de futebol, seja em materia de industria e muito mas... ahuahuahuahuhu idiotas

dawang, 20.06.2011

In essence this the actual Kurt Tank design that the Soviets pinched to create the Mig 15 and La 17 fighters!

, 20.06.2011

FMA I.A.33 Pulqui II

Thanatos, 02.08.2010

This and other national projects were affected by the U.S. imperialist country that is believed to own the world and wants everyone to their feet. MALVINAS ARGENTINAS forever!. Down UK and Chile (traitors)

ALBERTO AYALA, 12.01.2010

I would like to know if there's was a criticism from the US Government about such plane ?

Jorge, 28.12.2009

El Puiqui I y II nunca salieron de la etapa de la experimentacion. Hoy en dia la Loocked es contratista de Fabricaciones Militares y solo repara los super viejos A-4. Por Razones Politicas exteriores no pudieron ser perfeccionados. Del mismo modo no se ha dearrollado la coheteria y la energia Nuclear.

Gus, 12.02.2009

No me hagan caso a lo que digo, la verdad es que soy un boludo con mierda en la cabeza y no tengo idea de lo que digo.
Apenas se leer y escribo estupideces en internet para sentirme importante

Gus, 02.01.2009

I am posting the same comment that I left on the Me P.1101 page:
Ta 183 ws not designed by Kurt Tank, it was designed by Hans Muldock, who worked later for the british after the war. Tank worked on a roughly inspired design on Ta 183 when he was in Argentina, the already mentioned Pulqui II, that resulted in a complete fiasco; it never performed better than Dewoitine´s Pulqui I. There were four prototypes of Pulqui II constructed in a period of nearly 4 years (50-53), and the first three were lost in accidents cause of the poor design (IIRC, Otto Behrens, the test pilot died; a few days before his death he said that the airplane was "the worst he had ever experienced as a test pilot").The project was initially halted in 1953, because an economic crisis and the fact that Tank and his team left Argentina, and finally cancelled with the fall of Perón in 1955. In those times, 1953, even Migs 15 and F-86s were no longer busy in dogfights in the Korean sky.

Mick, 30.09.2008

I have seen and touched this aircraft at Moron AFB. Was fascinated by it as a teenager...never thought I'd ever TOUCH the danged thing! In essence this the actual Kurt Tank design that the Soviets pinched to create the Mig 15 and La 17 fighters!

Gerardo Ferrandino, 08.01.2007

The correct name is PULQUI II

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