FMA I.A.63 Pampa
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FMA I.A.63 Pampa

Design of the FMA IA 63 Pampa basic jet trainer began in 1979, and a definitive configuration was selected in 1980 with technical assistance from Dornier. Construction of three flying prototypes was initiated in March 1981 and the first flew on 6 October 1984.

Basically a cantilever shoulder-wing monoplane, the fuselage incorporates a tricycle landing gear, a single turbofan engine and a pressurised cockpit with tandem seats for the pupil and instructor on zero/zero ejection seats. The Argentine air force ordered 100 Pampas and the first three aircraft were delivered in April 1988. In 1990, FMA teamed with LTV to offer a version of the IA 63, designated Pampa 2000, to compete for the Joint Services Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS) search for a common US trainer.


FMA I.A.63 PampaA three-view drawing (752 x 1282)

 ENGINE1 x Garrett TFE 731-2-2N turbofan, 1588kg
    Take-off weight5000 kg11023 lb
    Empty weight2821 kg6219 lb
    Wingspan9.69 m32 ft 9 in
    Length10.93 m36 ft 10 in
    Height4.29 m14 ft 1 in
    Wing area15.63 m2168.24 sq ft
    Max. speed755 km/h469 mph
    Ceiling12900 m42300 ft
    Range w/max.fuel1500 km932 miles

Barry, 03.12.2013

The Mark III of this model of this aircraft has recently been launched and an order has been received from the Argentine air force.


Very nice plane. Still in service with AAF.

Matilau, 12.05.2011

Where could I buy a model? My uncle, who used to be an Air Force Sub Official one time gave me a poster of the IA 63. Since watching a science fiction series that had well designed fighter planes (and one of them reminded me of the IA 63) I wanted to check it out online for more information.
I would like to buy one or build one (I don't know too much about models, but I could start learning) and so I want more information about it. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

rodolfo vargas, 10.05.2011

M. Stephane Guerrero, je suis argentin, et j'ai vu sa commande relative aux avions fabriqués par la FMA, mon français n'est pas très bon, parce que pas ce qui est pratique depuis 1961, faveur, si mo'il pouvait étendre sa nécessité, il pourrait l'aider ; j'entame à mes petits-fils dans l'aéromodélisme, je suis pilote de planeur et connais beaucoup l'histoire de la FMA parce que mon père a travaillé en elle - j'attends ses nouvelles - salutation cordiale

rodolfo vargas, 10.05.2011

please, look for three views to dornier alpha jet - it is equal - from Argentinean for airmodellers brothers.

Lévêque Alain, 20.03.2009

Good morning,
I am an airmodeller and would like to built this arcraft - 1m wingspan - Thank you for this 3 view drawing.
Have somebody the different drawing of the wreckage, this will be easier for me to build it.
Thanks a lot, yours

Jean Paul, 28.11.2008

For FMA planes take a good look at this video:

GUERRERO Stéphane, 24.02.2008

Hi, i'm french, excuse-me but I don't speak english very well. I just want write to you to say that there are some FMA aircrats before WWII and at WWII time.

I'll write you later to say to you the names of these aircrafts.


chikkitto, 23.02.2008

More pics, and model kit review in

Danflores, 10.12.2007

if you want to see pic of this plane

walter renz, 07.08.2007

I like the plane and I am flying one as an modell Aircraft with turbine engine, but i cannot find good pictures from an three angle few to paint it scale. I looking for a colourful example not a caumoflage one. If someone will have any pictures i am glad to see it.
Thanks from Germany

Admin, 23.04.2007

Yes, it seems I've got one!
I will publish it in the evening.
Thanks for your attention.

Lévêque Alain, 23.04.2007

I am an airmodeller and I am looking for a three view drawing to built this plane. Do you have one ? Thank you

Andres, 09.02.2007

it is beautiful

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