Kingsford Smith KS.3 Cropmaster
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Kingsford Smith KS.3 Cropmaster

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 ENGINE1 x 170hp Warner Super Scarab
    Wing area17.6 m2189.44 sq ft
    Cruise speed158 km/h98 mph

Brian Allen, 08.12.2013

Owned & operated the last two working Cropmasters at Wee Waa until 1979.

Darby Munro, 18.08.2012

I flew VH-CXS? for Hazair Albury and VH-DCC Max Hazelton in the early 60's and found them a delightfull aircraft to fly out carried more tha the C180's which we were flying at the time

Graham Treloar, 09.01.2011

The later version was fitted with a 250 H.P. Lycoming 0540
engine. Its shape was changed to make it a smart looking
aircraft. I worked on one owned by Trojan Aerial Spraying in
S.Aust. in 1962/3. It had quite an impressive performance.
I believe there were only a limited number made.

Dave Wood, 10.10.2010

The Cropmaster was a modified CAC Wackett.

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