Aviatik (Berg) 30.14


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Aviatik (Berg) 30.14

The first single-seat fighter to be built by the Osterreichisch- Ungarische Flugzeugfabrik Aviatik to the designs of Dipl Ing Julius von Berg, the Aviatik 30.14 (the designation indicating the 14th experimental aircraft produced by O-UF Aviatik) was powered by a 185hp Austro-Daimler six-cylinder inline water-cooled engine. Armament consisted of a single 8mm Schwarzlose synchronised machine gun. Of wooden construction with ply and fabric skinning, the Aviatik 30.14 crashed at Aspern on its first flight on 16 October 1916, the test pilot, Ferdinand Konschel, losing his life. However, the programme had revealed sufficient promise to warrant further development of the basic design. The wing gap was drastically reduced, wing stagger was introduced, the vertical tail surfaces were enlarged and, with more minor changes, three further prototypes were built, the 30.19, 30.20 and 30.21, which led to the D.I.

Aviatik (Berg) 30.14A three-view drawing (1280 x 998)

  Wingspan8.00 m26 ft 3 in
  Length6.86 m23 ft 6 in
  Max. speed175 km/h109 mph

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