Aviatik (Berg) 30.27 & 29


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Aviatik (Berg) 30.27 & 29

Whereas all previous single-seat fighters designed by von Berg had utilised Austro-Daimler inline engines, the Aviatik 30.27 and the similar 30.29, which appeared early in 1918, were powered by the 160hp Steyr Le Rhone 11-cylinder rotary. Of wooden construction with plywood fuselage skinning, apart from the forward section which was covered by light metal panels, and fabric-covered wings, the Aviatik 30.27 and 30.29 each carried the standard twin-Schwarzlose gun armament, and were initially flown with two-bladed propellers. Subsequently, the original engine cowling (which left the lowest three cylinders exposed) was replaced by a full ring cowling, and the four-bladed Jaray propeller was adopted. Both participated in the July 1918 D-Contest, 30.29 crashing when the upper wing leading-edge collapsed as its pilot initiated a loop.

Aviatik (Berg) 30.27 & 29A three-view drawing (1280 x 984)

 MODELAviatik 30.27
  Take-off weight606 kg1336 lb
  Empty weight386 kg851 lb
  Wingspan6.82 m22 ft 5 in
  Length5.00 m16 ft 5 in
  Height2.61 m9 ft 7 in
  Max. speed185 km/h115 mph

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