Aviatik (Berg) D.II


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Aviatik (Berg) D.II

Featuring a fuselage virtually identical to that of the D.I, the D.II was flown as a prototype in the summer of 1917, this, the Aviatik 30.22, actually employing much of the structure of the 30.21 (see D.I). The D.II was characterised by a short-span cantilever lower wing, and a series of 19 aircraft was built for frontline evaluation, these being powered by either the 200hp (Series 39) or 225hp (Series 339) Austro-Daimler engine. A fourbladed Jaray propeller was fitted, and armament consisted of the usual paired Schwarzlose 8mm guns. The first three series aircraft were tested in November 1917, and seven were evaluated at the front, but the decision that O-UF Aviatik should licence-manufacture the Fokker D.VII terminated any plans to build the D.II in quantity. One D.II airframe was experimentally fitted with a 200hp Hiero engine as the Aviatik 30.38, and participated in the July 1918 D-Contest. With the 225hp Austro-Daimler engine the D.II attained 220km/h.

Aviatik (Berg) D.IIA three-view drawing (1280 x 998)

  Take-off weight810 kg1786 lb
  Empty weight587 kg1294 lb
  Wingspan7.50 m25 ft 7 in
  Length6.98 m23 ft 11 in
  Max. speed210 km/h130 mph

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