Aviatik (Berg) G.II


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Aviatik (Berg) G.II

The sole Austrian Aviatik G II was completed in July 1917.The brainchild of Prof von Mises, the 3-man bomber had its twin 300hp Austro-Daimlers buried in the fuselage to drive tandem-arranged tractor and pusher propellers mounted inboard between the wings.

Barry, 27.10.2009 18:34

The photograph is the same as the aircraft identified as the Aviatik (Berg)30.17 found elsewhere on this site.


Marlin, 22.08.2009 09:31

Here's a page with photos of a 1 /72 scale model of one.
www.internetmodeler.com /2005 /october /aviation /Mises.php


heigo, e-mail, 03.05.2007 13:51

Hello.Does anybody have anykind of information(pictures,drawings)about this aircraft.


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