Aviatik (Berg) G.II
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Aviatik (Berg) G.II

The sole Austrian Aviatik G II was completed in July 1917.The brainchild of Prof von Mises, the 3-man bomber had its twin 300hp Austro-Daimlers buried in the fuselage to drive tandem-arranged tractor and pusher propellers mounted inboard between the wings.

Barry, 27.10.2009

The photograph is the same as the aircraft identified as the Aviatik (Berg)30.17 found elsewhere on this site.

Marlin, 22.08.2009

Here's a page with photos of a 1/72 scale model of one.

heigo, 03.05.2007

Hello.Does anybody have anykind of information(pictures,drawings)about this aircraft.

Do you have any comments about this aircraft ?

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