Renard R-37
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Renard R-37

With an airframe fundamentally similar to that of the R-36, the R-37 differed primarily in having a closecowled 1100hp Gnome-Rhone 14N-21 14-cylinder radial engine. Cooling air reached the engine via a narrow annulus, was mixed with exhaust gases and ejected through two groups of nozzles to provide some thrust augmentation. The proposed armament consisted of four 7.7mm or two 13.2mm machine guns mounted in the wings. Although the R-37 was displayed statically at the Salon de Bruxelles in July 1939, no attempt had been made to fly this prototype before the German occupation of Belgium in May 1940. The R-37 was discovered at Evere by the occupation forces and a Luftwaffe pilot - possibly unaware that the aircraft had not previously been flown - flew the aircraft to Beauvechain. There is no record of any subsequent flight testing, although it is known that the R-37 was taken to Germany. Prior to the German occupation, Alfred Renard had prepared a project for a two-seat version, the R-37B, for use as a ground attack aircraft.

Renard R-37A three-view drawing (1280 x 894)

    Take-off weight2460 kg5423 lb
    Empty weight1810 kg3990 lb
    Wingspan11.64 m38 ft 2 in
    Length8.40 m28 ft 7 in
    Height2.90 m10 ft 6 in
    Wing area20.00 m2215.28 sq ft
    Max. speed510 km/h317 mph

Renard R-37

Klaatu83, 05.08.2015

Three prototypes of this fighter were built, one with an Hispano-Suiza engine, one with a Gnome-Rhone air-cooled radial engine (shown here), and one with a British Rolls-Royce Merlin engine. None of them went into production, since the Belgians decided to order Hawker Hurricanes instead. The engine on this version is so closely cowled that it is difficult to believe that the engine would have received adequate cooling.

Ruben, 15.07.2013

it looks like a LA-5 ( a bit!)



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Doug Booth, 16.06.2012

Actually, relative to its' contemporaries the Spitfire and the Hurricane, the Renard had fairly adequate armament, .5 Brownings as opposed to various numbers of rather inadequate .303s.

baiwang, 20.06.2011

The pilots forward vision would leave a lot to be desired and it was too lightly armed.

, 20.06.2011

Renard R-37

Leo Rudnicki, 08.10.2009

A Lockheed Ventura II serial # AJ-388 was delivered to the RCAF in new Brunswick Nov 29,1943. The designer # is 137-27-01. It was scrapped in oct 1944. It was received in used condition.

Steven Gohman, 08.10.2009

I have found a reference to an R-37 (serial AJ-388) having a take-off accident leading to a collision w/ a parked B-17F 42-29589 at Middletown Air Depot, Olmsted Field, Penn. on 12 Nov 43. Is There some other a/c model that is "R-37" beside the Renard? If the Germans captured THE R-37 in '40, and we hadn'd bugun capturing-back stuff in Europe in '43, what R-37 had this accident?
Thanks, Steve

leo rudniski, 09.04.2009

Not at all like the early FW190 spinner but reminiscent of the Morane-Saulnier Bullet spinner. The Bullet did not overheat. The spinner is annular as opposed to ducted on FW.

ika 244, 23.02.2009

The R-37 has a ceiling-11 500m and range- 1000km

Stuart Waters, 09.07.2007

Looking at this aircraft I can see where Kurt Tank got his idea for the FW 190's original spinner/cowling arrangement from, I would imagine though, just as Tank found out, that this system would tend towards overheating!
The pilots forward vision would leave a lot to be desired and it was too lightly armed.

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