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Tipsy Trainer I

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Martin Bourne, e-mail, 08.05.2022 13:27

In Coventry for Easter weekend 161 I dropped in to Baginton with those magic words, "Excuse me but any chance of a fly please?" The result was 40 minutes in 'FSC with the wonderful, but sadly no longer with us, Bill Woodhams. An unforgettable experience which cost me a fortune over the next fifty years at Sleap - I even married the CFI's daughter. Happy Days, (when the little wheel was always at the back) but is 'SC still airworthy?

MB PS my wife's first flight was also in a Tipsy from Welshpool..


Dave, 21.01.2015 18:56

My first solo was in G-AFSC in Coventry in 1959.
Lots of Tipsy info in "Les Avions Tipsy Airplanes" by Vincent Jacobs published in 2012


Brent owen, e-mail, 30.01.2021 Dave

Hi Dave, I was also in the Armstrong Siddeley Flying Club then. My first flight ever was in G-AFSC. I went on to a career flying, but have very fond memories of that time. We also had a Taylorcraft Plus d G-AHCG.


Frank Parker, e-mail, 22.06.2014 21:54

Fairey Aviation assembled three of these machines after WW2 in the UK from parts in inventory from pre-war production at Slough (I think!) The company retained G-AISC for use by the in house flying club. One of my favorite aircraft, economical with the 65HP Walter Mikron engine, and it was aerobatic . The Belfair was a later version with an enclosed cabin, no mention of that in this section. Nor a mention of the UK production pre-war of the Trainer. M Tips also designed before the trainer a single seat aircraft similar in appearance and using a Douglas engine. Again no mention of that in this section. I think these are worth adding.


Barry, 18.01.2012 17:04

The Tipsy Trainer illustrated is still flying in Britain to this day.


Luc Vanhove, e-mail, 05.02.2009 00:06

info available on /


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