Avro Canada C-102 Jetliner
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Avro Canada C-102 Jetliner

One of the first tasks of the new Canadian company, following formation of Avro Aircraft Ltd, was the origination in 1946 of the design for a 50-seat medium-range civil transport. Similar in size and configuration to the British Avro Tudor, it differed primarily by having tricycle landing gear, a revised tail unit, and the incorporation of turbojet powerplant. The prototype was first flown on 10 August 1949, but only six days later was badly damaged as the result of a landing gear failure. It was repaired and flying again within a few weeks, and its four Derwent 5 engines were replaced by two Derwent 8s (starboard outer, port inner) and two Ddrwent 9s for evaluation purposes. Despite active demonstrations by the company, no orders were received and further development was abandoned.

Avro Canada C-102 Jetliner

 ENGINE4 x Rolls-Royce "Derwent 5", 1633kg
    Take-off weight29480 kg64993 lb
    Empty weight16740 kg36906 lb
    Wingspan29.90 m98 ft 1 in
    Length25.12 m82 ft 5 in
    Height8.06 m26 ft 5 in
    Wing area107.49 m21157.01 sq ft
    Max. speed735 km/h457 mph
    Cruise speed650 km/h404 mph
    Ceiling12285 m40300 ft
    Range2000 km1243 miles

Avro Canada C-102 JetlinerA three-view drawing (1270 x 674)

ben, 07.03.2018

it was a nice ride

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Lynn, 21.01.2016

Avro Canafda was originally Canadian Steel car. They produced the Lancaster bomber during the war. They also designed and produced the Lancasterian airliner after the war converting Lancaster bombers into civilian aircraft.
Jon is wrong about the airlines losing interest for his various reasons. Very few aircraft are produced exactly like a prototype. The aircraft could have been fine tuned and even reengined to different specifications. The death knell was definatively the ban on producing the aircraft. Any further effort into the project was killed from that point on. Howard Hughes was ready to go to great lengths to buy this aircraft for Hughes Airwest. The aircraft would have gone into production had the government not declared that all of Canada's manufacturing was to be dediicated to producing the Arrow and the CF-100. So considering the aircraft was not allowed to be produced in Canada or outside of Canada any further discussion of details what killed the design are pure speculation. Then later the government voted Canada would make no more weapons of war and the owner of Avro shut the whole company down in disgust with no regard to the fate of his employees.

Francois Juneau, 23.03.2015

Herb Schneider, 13.10.2010
Ref your comment above:

"According to a Letter to the Editor by Allen Lambert of Grove City, PA which appeared in the Wall Street Journal on October 13, 2010, When Canada Almost Ruled the Civil Skies: "Politics in the U.S. led to the cancellation of potential sales to U.S. airlines, and the Jetliner never flew commercially."
Would you have a copy of this article?
I have been looking in the WSJ archives & can't find it or maybe a contact to get in touch with Mr Allen Lambert could be useful.

Lynn, 14.06.2014

The Korean War is a major factor in killing it. All resources were ordered to go towards the CF-100 and Arrow. As the government had a stake in the projects they could not refuse.
Rolls Royce would not sell them the engines they wanted.
TransCanada wanted the range profile to be constructed differently. All aircraft even today are required to fly to destination, fly an approach, go around, climb, fly to an alternate and have 45 minutes of reserve. transCanada wanted it to have 1 hour 45 minutes reserve starting all of the rumors that it wouldn't make it's range.
Howard Hughes wanted to buy it and manufacture it in Culver City if it could not be manufactured in Canada. The government said it was a Canadian aircraft and it could only be manufactured in Canada but as they already said it couldn't be manufactured in Canada this was really the death blow.
Dixon Spees the right hand man of CR Smith at American Airlines believed so strongly in this aircraft he took a leave from American Airlines to help with the project.
It would have been the first jet transport prototype to fly except that when Dehaviland in England heard that the Jetliner was done with it's testing and ready to take it's first flight they took the Comet out without finishing ground testing, taxied to the end of the runway, gave it full power, lifted all of the wheels off, chopped the power and landed on the runway remaining in front of them. So the Jetliner was really robbed of that honor. The first time the Jetliner flew they took it on a real flight.
Politics and logistics destroyed the jetliner. Not the merits of the aircraft.
It was an incredible aircraft for 1949. It coined the phrase Jetliner which is still in use today.
This was the first of many blows that destroyed AVRO Canada. This company generated much aviation technology.
Due to politics and mismanagement at the top AVRO shut down on one days notice. Families were broken apart. There were suicides when men could not find jobs and could not feed their families. So many AVRO engineers came to the United States to work you can see a design shift in American Airliners that has a strong Canadian stamp.
This is more than an aircraft. This is a tragedy.

John, 24.09.2012

Actually, there were several factors which led to its demise. Firstly, it appeared during the Cold War and the Liberal govt of the day did not want Avro Canada building anything but CF-100's. Next, Rolls-Royce cancelled their RB102 jet engine and Avro was forced to adopt less powerful alternatives. This reduced range, speed and payload which is why the airlines lost interest. As an aside, the Orenda PS-13 Iroquois designed for the CF-105 Arrow Mk II came to be because Rolls-Royce cancelled the RB-106 engine before production.

marry, 18.06.2011

We are doing a science project on the Avro Jetliner, and we were wondering if you could give us the permission to use the photos you have on the site. Thanks.

, 18.06.2011


Ray takeuchi, 06.03.2011

Worked on layout of fin and tailplane and was doing layout for ribs for a fowler type flap system before it was cancelled. Also fuselage formers based on Tudor I think. Witnessed the undercarriage-up landing by James Orrell with Don Rogers and Bill Baker Also witnessed the first flight of the Jetliner and C100 which no one was supposed to be watching. The chief of the stress office and I sneaked out onto the fire escape to see it go by with u/c down.

Reagh Sherwood, 07.11.2010

Believe it was the first aircraft from Avro Canada. Parent company in the UK had a long history of building aircraft (pre-WWI?). Victory Aircraft in Canada built Lancasters during WWII. After the war the industry was re-organized and Victory became AVRO Canada. Look up the AVRO Tutor 8 which later bacame the AVRO Ashton. Basically a prop tail dragger that was converted to a 4 jet config very similar to the Jetliner (it was the world's first 4-engined jet airliner, but was not very successful). This flew in the UK prior to the Jetliner and the test pilot involved in the Ashton (Jimmy Orrell) was sent to Canada to fly the Jetliner due to his experience with the Ashton.

Chum, 28.10.2010

I thought that the Lancaster was the first plane from AVRO?

Herb Schneider, 13.10.2010

According to a Letter to the Editor by Allen Lambert of Grove City, PA which appeared in the Wall Street Journal on October 13, 2010, When Canada Almost Ruled the Civil Skies: "Politics in the U.S. led to the cancellation of potential sales to U.S. airlines, and the Jetliner never flew commercially."

Bob, 12.10.2010

I believe that the Canadian Government did not support this industry leader and destroyed it, as they did the Arrow in 1959.

Mac McKay, 22.09.2010

I tried to E mail Earnie Mitchell regarding the CL-102, I have several thousands of questions to ask him regarding the Jetliner, would you please contact me at maymck@nb.sympatico.ca

Earnie Mitchell, 17.09.2010

I worked in the Engineering Office as a weight analyst and I weighed her before her flights.

Ben, 05.03.2010

We are doing a science project on the Avro Jetliner, and we were wondering if you could give us the permission to use the photos you have on the site. Thanks.

Mike Green, 22.07.2009

I have always imagined this aircraft in "Trans Canada Airlines" colors. It would easily have been another wonderful Canadian design like the 'Beaver', 'CF 100' and 'AVRO Arrow'. (Did you know the variable pitch propeller was a Canadian invention?)

Karl, 14.03.2009

Even Howard hughes couldn't save this plane.

Do you have any comments about this aircraft ?

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After testing by the USAF, Avro Canada proposed a trainer variant with four Allison J-33 engines.

Construction of a second C-102 prototype began, but was not completed.

After cancellation, the C-102 was used as an observation platform for CF-100 tests.

Flown for the last time on 23 November 1956, CF-EJD-X was scrapped in December, having flown about 425 hours.

After flying the aircraft in 1952, Howard Hughes considered building the C-102.

The C-102's nose is now in Canada's National Aeronautical Collection.

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