Canadian Vickers Vigil


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Canadian Vickers Vigil

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Barry, 10.12.2015 16:41

Built as a replacement for the DH 4 as a forest fire patrol aircraft for the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Vigil was an all metal single seat patrol aircraft. It was overweight which impacted on it's overall performance and thus made it unsuitable for it's chosen role. Hence only one was built.
Power plant Armstrong Siddeley Lynx IV rated at 180 h.p.
Span 35'5" Length 27' Height 11'4 Empty Weight 2005 lb
Loaded Weight 2750 lb
Max. Speed 116 mph Cruising Speed 95 mph Service Ceiling
13,000 ft


M.D. McCrimmon, e-mail, 17.05.2011 20:22

Never heard of this type before but by looking at the propeller,it has a British engine. Looking from behind in the direction of flight, direct drive British engines rotated anti-clockwise whereas most other engines rotated clockwise.


Duke Horn, e-mail, 23.12.2010 03:53

Does anyone know anything about this aircraft?


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