Chengdu J-20
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Chengdu J-20

The Chengdu J-20 is a fifth generation stealth, twin-engine fighter aircraft prototype developed by Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group for the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force. The J-20 made its first flight on 11 January 2011


Chengdu J-20

    Wingspan14 m46 ft 11 in
    Length23 m75 ft 6 in

Chengdu J-20

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Heinkel Wulf, 24.03.2018

I know Nationalism plays a part in the "it's just a cheap copy!" accusation, but it's gotten really stupid at this point. There's no reason why the same people who built the Great Wall couldn't create their own 5th generation fighter. It happens to vaguely resemble the F-22/F-35? So what? Due to the nature of things like planform alignment, most 5th Gen fighters are bound to look similar. I've also seen claims it's a copy of the Mig-144, and while it shares an overall similar configuration, the Mig lacked planform alignment, and wasn't stealthy (unless rumors of plasma stealth were true). By the logic of those calling it a copy, the F-15 is a "copy" of the Mig-25, the F8f a "copy" of the FW-190, the F-35B a "copy" of the Yak-141, and the B-2 a "copy" of the Horten 229. Similar configuration =/= copy. I've also heard cyber intrusion had alot to do with similar design aspects, but as an American, I find it insulting that some honestly believe our cyber security to be so weak. I'm not buying it.

Barry, 07.11.2016

Further to my posting 31st March 2013, it would appear that two J20 made an appearance at the China airshow held at Zhuhai on 1st August this year. The display consisted of both aircraft flying over at "several hundred feet" with one then disappearing and the other making a few high 'g' turns well within it's flight envelope before it too flew off after about a minute. Which may go to prove what I said three years ago.

ukiewolf, 15.01.2016

Specifications Chinese Chengdu J-20
Data from Aviation Week & Space Technology
General characteristics
• Crew: one (pilot)
• Length: 20 m (66.8 ft)
• Wingspan: 13 m (44.2 ft)
• Height: 4.45 m (14 ft 7 in)
• Wing area: 78 m2 (840 sq ft)
• Empty weight: 19,391 kg (42,750 lb)
• Gross weight: 32,092 kg (70,750 lb)
• Max takeoff weight: 36,288 kg (80,001 lb) upper estimate
• Fuel capacity: 11,340 kg (25,000 lb)
• Powerplant: 2 × WS-10G (prototype), AL-31F (prototype) or Xian WS-15 (production) afterburning turbofans, 76.18 kN (17,125 lbf) thrust each dry, 122.3 or 179.9 kN (27,500 or 40,450 lbf) with afterburner
• Wing loading: 410 kg/m2 (84 lb/sq ft)
• Thrust/weight: 0.94 (prototype with interim engines)
• PL-12 Medium Range AAM

Klaatu83, 17.08.2015

I remember when people used to say exactly the same thing about Japan:

"china copies everything from TV's to cars and their copies are very sub-standard. perhaps some day they will advance to a real world genius but that day is decades off."

del, 04.04.2015

Around 1972 I think, Nixon visited China and opened trade with them.A nation who up until this point was a communist country minding its own business.{not including the korean war} this would result in a great loss of manufacturing and other jobs in the u.s. thanks to companies like walmart, k-mart etc.selling low Quality,cheap goods and the u.s. workers not able to compete with the low wages the chineses are paid. our own politicians sold us out with very bad trade deals,greasing their pockets at our cost.this nation has woke china they are building up their military with u.s. dollars and will soon out pace us. for now their technology is not as sophisticated as ours but they are catching up by hook or crook.I dont know if its true or not but I heard that the chinese stole f35 tech right out of the fighter by hacking its on board computer while it was in test flight giving them a wealth of stealth info. it is ultimately our responsibity to protect our tech.

shungjua, 17.12.2014

you can put a leopard in a tiger suit but it doesn't make it a tiger. china copies everything from TV's to cars and their copies are very sub-standard. perhaps some day they will advance to a real world genius but that day is decades off.

Ruben de Jong, 12.12.2013

To people weening about China has spyd america and steal their plane: al countrys copy eachother if a plane is good! No one copys a bad plane!Besides: about spying i say one name: Edward Snowden. 'merica shut up about spying..............

Barry, 08.04.2013

The Tu4 was a reversed engineered B29,but was not as well made as the steels used by the Russians were of inferior quality, which resulted in a very much heavier craft that did not offer the same performance. The Tu144 Charger was a superficial and faster copy of the Concorde but had nowhere near the sophistication of that plane, and that is why it spent the majority of it's short life flying mail internally in the USSR. It was not Marco (not Marko) Polo who said "let China sleep" but Napoleon, and to finish his quote "but when she awakes Europe beware". One, I think, should substitute "World" for "Europe".

Jim Goolsby, 20.03.2013

China has over 1.5 billion people. They are bounded by numbers alone to have more "genius" than us. In engineering "design follows function". That is why all airliners look alike and why stealth jet fighters look alike. The difference will be in details. The details will determine performance and capabilities. Augmented to that will be pilot training and his "enthusiasm". Marko Polo was said "Let China sleep." I believe the next war will be with the radical Muslim nations. I'd want the Chinese on our side.

xxx, 13.01.2013


To a certain point, what you say makes sense, but in a case like this, it's obvious there was no design creativity at work here.

Giro, 02.12.2012

Chinese have its F35: Project 310 by ShengYang ...

Andrew Hinton, 19.10.2012

espinage in the Aircraft industry is nothing new. You only have to look at The Tu-4 and the B-29, Or the Tu-144 and the Concorde.Aircraft designers are notorious for coping what other contries have.

Aero99, 22.04.2012

Are the Chinese that bad at designing aircraft that they have to steal American designs? Stupid commies know it too! This makes me laugh!

Steven, 17.04.2012

Larry, China has been accused and is known to have commited cyber-warfare acts against the united states. Also, who do u think works on our planes and other tech when they are sent here from China, get degrees in our colleges, and then work on our most classified tech while leaking that data to China?

Steve, 19.01.2012

when will other Chinese aircraft like the J-10, JL-8, J-11, L-15, JJ-7, JL-9 and J-15 be added?

, 04.11.2011

nobody can say this design is not nice, it is proud of China, we can do better..

hangarstuff, 13.10.2011

All of you who accuse the Chinese of "stealing" the technology are showing your ignorance. Function dictates form and design. Titlest didn't "steal" the dimples on a golf ball from the other manufactures- it just works. Grow up and put your petty prejudices to bed.

Frank, 20.09.2011

Wow! It's like an F 22! Stolen western tecnology!!

rafael, 19.09.2011

esse protótipo chines deve ter uma agilidade incrível !

lucas gustavo boaventura, 03.09.2011

só tem esse da chengdu?

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