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Harbin Y-12

There is no text information for this aircraft at the moment.

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William Ali, 27.03.2015

Sorry, email is: williamali_g@hotmail.com
Ph: +(64) 21027 08440

William, 08.03.2015

We have 3 Harbin MKIV for sale DOM 2008 with low hours in our portfolio and 2 Harbin Y12 MKII airframes for sale salvageable for parts or rebuild for service as required. Airframe is both near complete. All logbooks available from birth. Email me on williammali_g@hotmail.com for any further interest.

Fayyaz ur Rehman, 20.02.2015

We are considering to get a Y 12 pressurized on lease for one year extendable by one year and with option to purchase. Can any one help and advise

Masoud Hashemi, 16.02.2015

I am interested in purchasing 3 sets of this aircraft.I will be grateful if anyone supply me with options and pricing details.I am in touch at d.hashemi@rafa-group.com

Carlos Antonio Canahuati, 13.02.2015


hispanica air services s de rl, 24.12.2014

Hi,Im looking to buy couple planes y-12 to operate on honduras for my own company.please send all information on the manufactory to contact and buy as soon as possible.thanks

Captain henry solano

William, 05.12.2014

Please forward me any enquiries you may have for Y12 Aircraft, tech data, spares requirement, performance or even aircraft for sale. I have 3 Y12 MKIV aircraft for sale YOM 2008. I am available on williamali_g@hotmail.com, website launching in 2015 aircraft mechanics & logistics. Currently supporting the pacific and even up to Africa.

Aloysius Daveona, 27.11.2014

What is the price? I would like to get a quote.

Francois Groenewald, 29.10.2014

Where can I find or buy the IPC and MM for the Harbin Y-12? I would really appreciate the help.

kevin, 26.07.2014

i can get a harbin mkiv from millitary installation for humanitarian objectives in lease price stages

robin coss, 11.06.2014

does any one know where to get technical manuals and interior parts for the Y12 .In particular looking for a toilet for a vip installation

Capt.Wuryono, 05.01.2014

I need a copy of Harbin Y12IV Performance Section of Aircraft Flight Manual to allow me to see whether this type of a/c is suitable for highland operations.Is there anyone can help? I will pay for its cost.
Thanks in advance.
Warm regards.

Capt.Wuryono RS, 11.11.2013

Interest to operate for Pioneer Flight Schedule.
Please advise its price

William, 25.09.2013

I have two Y12 MKII airframes complete for sale, have all logbooks from birth, they are good for salvaging parts or if you have the capital then refurb and rebuild (cost estimate in getting these up and running is way cheapper then buying a second hand one. these are the cheappest you'll find around) Most rotables are still within their life limits. I can also arrange for Y12 MKIV purchase. Email me if interested. I also deal with Y12 spares for those who are looking, reliable and cheap and reliable lead times!

Loc.Le Phuoc, 02.08.2013

similar CASA 212 aircraft

Shweminthar, 08.03.2013

I like Y-12 aircraft.Please give me this aircraft information.I'm very proud of you.

Madhukar, 25.01.2013

Pls Quote with DOM Etc For Y 12

henry, 24.12.2012

I'm interested to buy a y-12,please send me all information,also I get a piper Navajo 310 in usa for sale with low times on it.range to buy one y-12?(us)thanks

BAUMGARTNER, 18.11.2012

I need one (with EASA compliance) for humanitarian operations in the SAHEL area.

pidrus, 01.11.2012

Good Day,
I need more infos, price, maintaincost, fuel/hour cost & start&landing. ( min/max way )
Thanks Pidrus

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