Shenyang J-8 II
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Shenyang J-8 II

In April 1981, a conceptual study for an all-weather dual-role development of the J-81 was begun, under the leadership of Gu Songfen, as the J-8 II. The most dramatic change was the discarding of the pitot-type nose intake in favour of twin lateral air intakes to provide both increased airflow for more powerful engines and accommodation for a larger fire control radar. Representing a 70% redesign of the J-81, the J-8 II was powered by a pair of WP-13A II turbojets derived by the Guizhou Engine Company from the WP-7 and each having max dry and afterburning thrusts of 4350kg and 6720kg respectively. The first of six prototypes (including two static test aircraft) was flown on 12 June 1984. Pre-series J-8 II dual-role fighters were delivered by SAC in 1988 with an armament of one twin-barrel 23mm cannon and provision for PL-3 or -4 AAMs or up to 4500kg of external ordnance for the attack mission. Two examples of the J-8 II were delivered to the USA early 1989 for installation by Grumman of an upgraded avionics suite and 55 shipsets of this suite were to have been supplied to SAC (1991-95) for installation in new production J-8 II fighters. In the event, this contract was terminated in 1990.

Shenyang J-8 IIA three-view drawing (1647 x 1013)

    Take-off weight14300 kg31526 lb
    Empty weight9820 kg21650 lb
    Wingspan9.34 m31 ft 8 in
    Length21.59 m71 ft 10 in
    Height5.41 m18 ft 9 in
    Wing area42.20 m2454.24 sq ft
    Max. speed2337 km/h1452 mph
    Range2200 km1367 miles

F. Tuijn, 22.12.2011

Avro arrow was a tailless delta and twice as heavy. The resemblance to J-8II was slight indeed.

lucas gustavo boaventura, 03.09.2011

bem parecido com o SU-15 flagon

daxiang, 20.06.2011

there appears to be that only the cockpit canopy's shape is different. Maybe the similarity is a coincidence, though.

, 20.06.2011

Shenyang J-8 II

bruce, 17.06.2011

Just a brief amendment to my comment about this plane's cosmetic similarity to the Avro Arrow: here, the wings seem to be mounted lower on the fuselage than they were on the Arrow. Other than that, and the canopy's shape, can't detect any differences.

Bruce, 17.06.2011

Cosmetically, at least, the Shenyang J-8 ll bears a strikingly close resemblance to Canada's Avro Arrow of the late 1950's. Based on the photo supplied at this website, there appears to be that only the cockpit canopy's shape is different. Maybe the similarity is a coincidence, though.

Air-fan, 17.01.2010

F-16 first flew in 1973. Is F-16 Block 52+ a new aircraft?

3VI, 16.03.2009

A 30 years old new aircraft!

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