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Xian Y-20

The Xi'an Y-20 is a large military transport aircraft. The project is being developed by Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation and was officially launched in 2006. The official codename of the aircraft is Kunpeng after the mythical bird that can fly for thousands of miles described in the ancient Chinese Taoist classic Zhuangzi. However, within the Chinese aviation industry itself, the aircraft is more commonly known by its nickname Chubby Girl, because its wide fuselage in comparison to other Chinese aircraft previously developed in China.

The first prototype flew on 26 January 2013. By the end of 2019 a total of 20+ aircraft were built.

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Xian Y-20

 ENGINE4 x Soloviev D-30KP-2 turbofans
  Take-off weight220000 kg485020 lb
  Empty weight100000 kg220463 lb
  Payload66000145506 lb
  Wingspan45 m148 ft 8 in
  Length47 m154 ft 2 in
  Max. speedMach0.75Mach 0.75
  Ceiling13000 m42650 ft
  Range7800-10000 km4847 - 6214 miles
  Range w/max payload4500 km2796 miles

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