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Aero Ae-50

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Richard Aubrecht, 26.12.2013

Brian, it is not. Ae-50 was prototype utility and recon aircraft, designed with similar requirements like Auster B4. It competed against similar Praga E-55, but none of them went into production. Due to various limiations, like request to use stocks of material from wolrd war and transportation on light truck, they didnt perform well. Our army settled for czech-build Fieseler Storchs, later replaced with similar L-60 Brigadýr and twin engined Ae-45.
BTW Ae-50 is from 1948/1949, Auster from 1951, Ae-50 didnt have rear door.

Brian Johnston, 20.03.2012

This looks remarkably like the Auster B4, although this has more glass at the back of the Fuselage. The Auster had a rear door which could be used for air-dropping supplies or loading stretchers. I wonder if this could be the same aircraft built under licence?

, 17.06.2011

.lots of glass...

D-fish, 12.04.2011

I like cockpit in my poopdeck.

Aero-Fox, 15.03.2008

Seems to have a nice view out the back...lots of glass...

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