Hodek HK-101
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Hodek HK-101

V. Hodek produced HK-101 high-speed 2-seater, flown September 1947.

 ENGINE2 x Walter Minor

Barry, 20.04.2016

Hodek HK-101 was a postwar two seat twin designed and built by Hodek the only, at that time, privately owned manufacturer in Czechoslovakia.

Power plant 2 x 105 h.p. Walter Minor engines
Span 25'3" Length 19'4 1/2" Height 6' 4 1/2" Empty weight 1,102 lb Gross weight 1,818 lb
Maximum speed 219 mph Cruising speed 187 mph Range 625 mi
Service ceiling 24,300 ft.

, 17.06.2011


Stanley, 12.06.2010

What kind of airfoil use this airplane.

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