ABC Robin
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ABC Robin

Producers of piston engines, ABC Motors Ltd of Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, built one single-seat cabin monoplane, designed by A. A. Fletcher and known as the ABC Robin. It first flew in June 1929 at Brooklands, powered by ABC's 40hp Scorpion engine, but was scrapped in 1932.

ABC Robin

jack Shettle, 10.05.2012

As there was only one ABC Robin built there seems to be many discrepancies. So notes say that the wing was swept back others that the LE was straight from tip to tip. The photo above shows the windscreen as round but this was not the case. Any comments please

Victor Larsen, 18.08.2007

I have not seen this picture before. Now I know how the aircraft was refueled. The windscreen pivots out of the way. The fuel cap is located inside of the w/s. V. Larsen

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