Aero Research Snark
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Aero Research Snark

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Barry, 23.10.2015

Sometimes known as the De Bruyne Snark after the designer
N. De Bruyne, this aircraft the DB2 Snark was built at Cambridge Airport by Aero Research. It was supposedly the first plane of it's type to be designed with full stress calculations for wings and fuselage. Apparently this gave this 4 seat cabin monoplane a high loaded/unloaded weight ratio of 1.82 which compared with the contemporary Miles Falcon, a 3/4 seater, which had a ratio of 1.62.
The aircraft was taken to the R.A.E. at Boscombe Down for research purposes in May 1936. It was sold in June 1938 back to the civil market where it was destroyed in a bombing raid on Croydon airport in 1940.

Power plant 1 x D.H. Gypsy Major developing 130 h.p.
Span 42'6" Length 24'7" Empty Weight 1200lb Gross Weight 2200lb. Max speed 123 mph Range 450 miles

, 15.10.2011

this is common outo air Active Aerodynamics

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