Air Department Type 1000
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Air Department Type 1000

One prototype completed but not flown.

 ENGINE3 x 310hp Sunbeam 12-cylinder water-cooled in-line engines
    Wingspan35.05 m115 ft 0 in

Sven, 04.01.2012

I think this is the point at which the British Navy began it's long and painful strategy to commission the worst dragbuckets ever to(sometimes not) take to the air. Seriously aviation decisions in 1915 were taken by sailors and cavalrymen. Noel Pemberton Billing exposed the dodgy politicians that backed them.

Dave Latham, 20.07.2011

I was under the impression that it did fly. It was going to be the platform for the Davis Gun, which was a kind of recoiless cannon. A shell came out the front, and a block of wax and shot went the other way! Not to be flown behind!Apparently,it was a 'tangential take-off' aircraft. You got it up to speed and waited for the world to fall away beneath it. I believe it took twelve miles of the Solent to become airbourne......

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