Airspeed AS.5 Courier
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Airspeed AS.5 Courier

Five-six-seat cantilever low-wing cabin monoplane with a retractable landing gear. Powered by an Armstrong Lynx IVC engine (AS.5A version) or an Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah V (AS.5B version). First flown on 11 April 1933. Sixteen built; one flown by Sir Alan Gobham in an attempt to fly from England to India non-stop using flight refuelling.

Airspeed AS.5 Courier

Airspeed AS.5 CourierA three-view drawing (800 x 822)

Kevin Broomhead, 08.01.2017

Can anyone help me with cockpit and interior layout of the Courier. I've just acquired the plans and can't wait to make a start on her

Kevin Broomhead, 08.01.2017

Can anyone help me with cockpit and interior layout of the Courier. I've just acquired the plans and can't wait to make a start on her

Barry, 27.10.2015

The Courier was designed by Hessell Tiltman to provide Sir Alan Cobham with a suitable aircraft to make a solo, in flight refuelled, trip to India. In addition to the prototype there were 15 further models produced most of which went to London Scottish and Provincial Airways. Five were purchased by a nefarious organisation called the Union Founder's Trust whose intention was to supply them to the republican cause in the Spanish Civil War. This attempt was foiled, but two men attempted to steal one plane which crashed on take off killing one of them, the other being sentenced to four month's imprisonment.

Those left flying at the beginning of the war were impressed into R.A.F. service flying with No3 Ferry Pilots Pool.
Span 47' Length 28'6" Loaded 3,900lb Max Speed 153mph Cruise Speed 132mph Range 635 miles Sevice Ceiling 13,500ft

Johnnie, 13.01.2015

Actually designed by Hessel Tiltman, not N S Norway (see the latter's fascinating autobiography, 'Slide Rule').

Radley Clarke, 19.09.2014

There no surviving examples of this aircraft, as to colour schemes there are several and I suggest you google Airspeed Colour Schemes. One quite striking example was one painted in Green and Gold and part owned by ex Battle of Britain Pilot John Dundas.
If you are contemplating a model you should be building to a plan by David Vaughan, David was a leading scale modeller in Britain some years ago and this plan is fantastic in it's scale accuracy and detail. Still available through Traplet I believe.
All the best with the project correspond with me by all means.

Klaatu83, 17.08.2014

In addition to becoming a successful fiction writer Nevil Shute Norway, who designed the aircraft shown here, wrote a fascinating non-fiction account of his experiences in the British aircraft industry. Entitled "Slide Rule", it is highly recommended to those interested in this website. In addition to his experiences with Airspeed Ltd., he also discusses his earlier experiences with Vickers, where he worked on the design and construction of the airship R-100. His discussion of the R-100 and it's ill-fated competitor, the infamous R-101, coming as they do from one who was on the "inside" and was really privy to what was going on at the time, are highly enlightening.

Klaatu83, 17.08.2014

This was a single-engine predecessor to the highly-successful twin-engine Airspeed Envoy and Oxford.

P. G. Cox, 16.03.2012

An Airspeed AS.5 Courier, flown by Squadron Leader D.E. Stodart and Sergeant K.G. Stodart, came sixth in the 1934 MacRobertson Air Race with an elapsed time of 9 days 18 hours.

Mike Trew, 08.11.2011

I am building a 17% full size radio control scale model of the Napier Rapier engined Airspeed Courier, G-ACNZ, and I am hoping that someone will know the colour of this aircraft so that I can achieve an authentic scale finish.

bill, 20.07.2011

I believe its Alan Cobham not Gobham

Klaatu83, 05.03.2011

Designed by Nevil Shute Norway, who later became a novelist, writing such well-known books as "On The Beach", "No Highway in the Sky" and "A Town Called Alice".

Jack, 12.08.2008

do any replicas exsist?

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