Armstrong Whitworth Awana
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Armstrong Whitworth Awana

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Armstrong Whitworth Awana

 ENGINE2 x 450hp Napier Lion
    Take-off weight8373 kg18459 lb
    Empty weight4536 kg10000 lb
    Wingspan32.16 m106 ft 6 in
    Length20.72 m68 ft 0 in
    Height6.17 m20 ft 3 in
    Wing area213.68 m22300.03 sq ft
    Max. speed156 km/h97 mph
    Ceiling2438 m8000 ft
    Range579 km360 miles

Armstrong Whitworth AwanaA three-view drawing (800 x 791)

Barry, 15.06.2016

Built to Air Ministry Spec. 5/20, only two of these troop carriers were built. Designed to carry 25 troops over 400 miles and to be capable of rough ground take off and landing and also to have the ability to fly on one engine, the prototype was found to be flimsy and difficult whilst landing. The second prototype addressed some of the concerns, but it was decided to order the Vickers Victoria instead.

, 20.06.2011

Armstrong Whitworth Awana

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