Austin Whippet
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Austin Whippet

In 1919, the company built the Whippet, a small single-seat biplane designed by John W. Kenworthy. Powered by a 45hp Anzani air-cooled radial engine, the Whippet was intended for the private flyer, but fell victim to the postwar recession. Only five were built at Austin's Northfield Works.

Austin Whippet

Carl Coleman, 07.05.2015

Re Austin Whippet aircraft owned by my grandfather Percy Coleman of Wanganui. Any person wishing to contact me can do so via the following email address :

james Stringer, 04.05.2015

Carl and Dallas. please be kind enough to let me know the outcome of your research. e-mail on

Dallas carrad nz, 07.03.2015

If carl would leave his email address I will contact him about the whippet

Carl Coleman, 12.08.2014

The Austin Whippet owned by my grandfather Percy Coleman was sold on to a Mr W R Bennett, not "won" by any Mr Carrad. Unless Mr D Carrad (Jnr) has proof otherwise, such statements are misleading to say the very least. I would welcome contact and proof positive to verify the statement.

dallas carrad, 28.02.2012

my father georgecharles carrad won a whippet off a mr coleman at whannganui

Ian Kingsnorth, 16.02.2012

We at The South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum in Doncaster have a full size model (replica) of the Whippet which is on display in our hangar. your welcome to come and visit of course. best regards Ian

James Stringer, 30.11.2011

I would very much like to get in touch with Carl Coleman regarding the Whippet owned by his Grandfather. have tried the e-mail address but it was not recognised. Please be kind enought to contat me at:
Many thanks. Jim Stringer - V.P. The Vintage Austin Register.

Robin Morton, 05.09.2011

One-eighth scale plans of the Whippet were published by Aeromodeller Plans Service as FSP 480. They are not listed under 'X-List' plans any more, but I have a rather battered set which I could copy. Full details about the aircraft were published in 'Flight' magazine for 14th August 1919, pages 1076 et seq.
Regards, Robin Morton, Chedworth, Glos, UK.

Barry Collins, 02.09.2010

I have a 90% finished 1/5th scale model. If anybody would like to complete it they can collect it with full research info. and colour scheme swaps. Contact me on above e.mail address.

Carl Coleman, 04.01.2010

My grandfather, Percy Coleman, owned one of the two Whippets that were sold in New Zealand. If anyone has any information of it's survival or demise, I would welcome any contact. I do know that my grandfather's last flight in the Whippet ended with a crash into a corn field after clipping some powerlines during take-off. I have quite a few photos of the plane (including the aftermath of the crash).

Norm McKelvey, 26.09.2008

I had heard and driven in an Austin Whippet car but never taken notice of an Austin Whippert aircraft despite being an aircraft enginneer all my life until we had a recent enquiry at our Museum. Regrds, Norm

Simon van der Werff, 26.01.2008


We own a anzani 6 cilinder engine the same as used on the whippet. we are going to use it on a pietenpol aircamper.
we like some more information about the engine and the dimensions of the prop.

Regards Simon van der Werff

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