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British Aerospace EAP

Agile combat aircraft demonstrator, first flew in August, 1986. The EAP was used to test many Eurofighter systems before final configuration of the latter plane was decided

 ENGINE2 x Turbo-Union RB 199-34R Mk, 40.0-75.7kN
    Take-off weight14515 kg32000 lb
    Empty weight10000 kg22046 lb
    Wingspan11.77 m39 ft 7 in
    Length17.72 m58 ft 2 in
    Height5.70 m19 ft 8 in
    Wing area51.66 m2556.06 sq ft
    Max. speed2M2M

John Davies, 13.08.2014

Has recently moved to the Experimental Aircraft section at the RAF Museum at Cosford, well worth a visit.

Kevin Morrow, 17.04.2011

The Early prototype of the Euro Fighter 2000 Typhoon.

Claire Hodgson, 07.02.2011

I love the EAP being at my university. Sometimes i sit in it all day!

M.D.Saunders, 29.12.2010

Now kept at Loughborgh University as an instructional airframe.

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