BAC 145/164/166/167 Strikemaster
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BAC 145/164/166/167 Strikemaster

The Strikemaster was developed from the BAC 145 Jet Provost. It has the same airframe but is powered by a 15.2kN Rolls-Royce Bristol Viper Mk 535 turbojet engine. It has eight underwing hardpoints, enabling it to carry up to 1,360kg of weapons, including Matra launchers each for 18 x 68mm SNEB rockets or other rocket packs, four 230kg ballistic or retarded bombs, 250kg or 500kg or smaller bombs, napalm, and other stores (plus the two 7.62mm FN machine-guns). This makes it suitable for counter-insurgency combat operations, reconnaissance (with the BAe/Vinten five-camera pod), pilot and weapon training.

The first Strikemaster was flown on 26 October 1967 and 155 have been built (including a few for store against possible new orders.

BAC 145/164/166/167 Strikemaster

 ENGINE1 x turbo-jet BS "Viper 11", 11.1kN
    Take-off weight4173 kg9200 lb
    Wingspan10.8 m35 ft 5 in
    Length10.3 m34 ft 10 in
    Height3.1 m10 ft 2 in
    Max. speed700 km/h435 mph
    Ceiling11200 m36750 ft
    Range1450 km901 miles
 ARMAMENTPhoto-MG, 2 x 7.62 machine-guns or bombs

BAC 145/164/166/167 Strikemaster

, 23.02.2017

My favorite Planee

, 23.02.2017

My favorite Planee

ruski AND SLEEP(5); --, 23.02.2017

My favorite Planee

Gregg, 23.02.2017


George, 26.01.2010

Olympia Flight Museum, Olympia WA has a flying Strikemaster in great condition.

psmiddx, 17.08.2009

Neat little aircraft!

gregg gentile, 21.12.2006

would like info about training

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