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Avro RJ100

Originating in a Hawker Siddeley design of 1973 for a STOL-capable regional jet, the 146 took some years to come to market after Hawker Siddeley was absorbed in British Aerospace (BAe) in 1977. Produced in three marques, the largest 300 series carries up to 128 passengers. A total of 221 were built until 1994, when the design was re-engineered and renamed Avro and included more powerful Allied Signal LF 507 engines (the series designations RJ70, RJ85 and RJ100 replaced previous Bae 146-100, 200 and 300, respectively). A total of 166 Avro-liner examples were produced until 2001.

Avro RJ100A three-view drawing of Avro RJ100 (1276 x 706)

 MODELBAe 146 series 100
 ENGINE43 x 165kg Avco Lycoming ALF502R-3 or -5 turbofans
    Take-off weight38102 kg84001 lb
    Wingspan26.21 m86 ft 0 in
    Length26.20 m86 ft 11 in
    Height8.61 m28 ft 3 in
    Max. speed767 km/h477 mph
    Range1631 km1013 miles

Avro RJ70

Avro RJ100

BABLU, 27.09.2017

dear sir
i am interested to have a lease plane,BAe 146.please contact.

Marco Antonio Duran Landaeta, 30.03.2016

We urgently need 3 x RJ85 YOM more than in 1998 (100 or more) for long-term lease on the basis ACMI / SECO - with option to buy
Base A / C: Bolivia - South America
Contract length: Min 2 Year
Path: Domestic and some international route near
awaiting your urgent response last antonio
md aircraft

Mustafa.J.Khanloo, 14.04.2015


We urgently need 3 X RJ 85 YOM above 1998 ( 100 or more )for long term lease on ACMI / DRY basis

Base of A/C : Iran ( Tehran )
Duration of lease : Min 1 Year
Route : Domestic & some near international route
awaiting your urgent reply

Antonio Oliveira, 07.01.2015

No, but I have a question.
In FSX, how to calculate specifically for this aircraft the cruising altitude? Say, 250 miles trip, 400, 800? Reach as highest as possible having in mind the ceiling? Follow the airways and what FS flight planner says?
Thanks for hearing!

jullien, 28.04.2014

VT-MDN MDLR Airlines British Aerospace Avro RJ70 - cn E1252

Airframe Details
Construction Number (MSN) E1252
Aircraft Type British Aerospace Avro RJ70
First Flight 24-04-1996
Age 18 Years
Test registration G-6-252
Airframe Status Stored

Typ: Jet
Hersteller: British Aerospace
Modell: BAE AVRO RJ 70
Baujahr: 1996
RegistrierungsNr.: VT- MDN
Serien-Nr.: S/N E 1252
Jahresnachpr.: 9/2013
Standort: Rumänien, Braila
Gesamtzeit (TTAF): 18.799 h
Preis: € 1.500.000
Motor: 4x LY LF507-1F
Anzahl Passagiere: 96

Tecnomir grup

Don Mack, 01.03.2014

Anyone knowing of an RJ in the USA...please advise. Thanks.


we are following for RJ 100 OR 85 FOR DRY LEASE NOT OLDER THAN 20 YEARS OLD

John Curran, 01.07.2012

Hi I worked with Alan at Air UK and I really miss the 146's breaks my heart seeing them being brought to inflite at Stansted to be sent to be sold or broken up.

Barry, 25.11.2011

The original design was from DeHavilland. The sequence 146 is a DeHavilland design, and the initial design and manufacture was at their factory in Hatfield. After the plane had reached an early stage of development the design was shelved, as Hawker Siddley (who owned De Havilland)felt that the "market conditions were not right". Eventually production was started, by that time under the auspices of British Aerospace. The production was moved to Woodford and when the improved RJ models were developed they took the Avro "monicker", much to the chagrin of the former DeHavilland employees.
Contrary, to what is said elsewhere this is a quiet, effective aeroplane with very good short field performance, as can be proved by their frequent use in and out of city airports like London City.

Alan Greenwood, 09.06.2011

Great Aeroplane.....worked on the 100/200 and 300 series with Air UK.

P H, 21.01.2011

It would be appropriate to mention that the very first BAe 146 operator was Dan Air Services (UK) and who took delivery of the first of several 146's on 23 May 1983.

aceguy, 25.12.2010

do u have any idea of used aircraft is the for sale or not what will be cost of it pls let me know

John Hancocks, 15.05.2010

Strange aircraft - flew in one on the Sydney/Brisbane leg. Earned a bad reputation here, passenger/crew complaints of toxic fumes in the cabin - there seems to have been some substance to these.

Scott Boyd, 12.04.2010

We used to have 146's at Westair, until Mesa bought us. They got rid of them and a year later bought Canadairs for Mesa. They also took away our flying in the Northwest, because we woudn't take pay cuts and in 1998 did away with Westair altogether.

VINEET BANSAL, 19.02.2009

Hey! I am a first officer on RJ -70. I am looking for an aircraft model of RJ . So can you let me know about it ,i m in melbourne til 25th of feb .

Mike S., 01.05.2008

I have some 13,000 hrs in this type. A real pilots bird.
What a great way to fly.

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