Beardmore Inverness

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Beardmore Inverness

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Barry, 27.11.2009 14:00

This aircraft is the Rohrbach RoIV designed by Adolf Rohrbach. The first aircraft (N183)was built in the Rohrbach factory in Denmark from parts manufactured in Berlin before being sent to Beardmore. The second aircraft (N184)was built by Beardmore.Both aircraft had short lives and were scrapped in 1925.


Nikos J. Farsaris, e-mail, 28.12.2008 00:54

I think, that one says much...
"Beardmore Inverness, an all-metal flying boat whose creators had such faith in its airworthiness that it was equipped with two large masts and sails to get it home in the event of a forced water landing."

Jim Winchester "The World's Worst Aircraft", 2005


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