Blackburn B-2
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Blackburn B-2

Two-seat (side-by-side) all-metal biplane trainer with a monocoque fuselage and fabric-covered wings. Entire output of 42 aircraft produced for pilot training at civilian Elementary and Reserve Flying Schools under the RAF expansion scheme. Blind-flying hood, camera-gun or vertical camera fitted for advanced instruction. All transferred to Air Training Corps squadrons as instructional airframes in 1942.

 ENGINE1 x De Havilland Gipsy III, 97kW
    Take-off weight839 kg1850 lb
    Loaded weight533 kg1175 lb
    Wingspan9.19 m30 ft 2 in
    Length7.39 m24 ft 3 in
    Height2.74 m9 ft 0 in
    Wing area22.85 m2245.96 sq ft
    Max. speed180 km/h112 mph
    Cruise speed153 km/h95 mph
    Range w/max.fuel515 km320 miles

Denis Gobeille, 04.05.2011

I flew G-AEBJ with Richard Chandler on 13 July 1995 at Brough, U.K. while on a business trip with McDonnell Douglas. Shot five Touch 'n Go's on the grass runway at the Brough plant. Have several pictures taken by their Company photographer. Richard Chandler was a retired test pilot that used to fly the B-2 at airshows all over England and Europe. He was 76 years old when I flew with him. He was one fine gentleman. RIP

Barry, 21.01.2011

There are still at least two B-2s on the British register one, G-AEBJ, is owned by BAe Systems.

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