Blackburn B-9 / H.S.T.10
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Blackburn B-9 / H.S.T.10

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Blackburn B-9 / H.S.T.10A three-view drawing (600 x 556)

Barry, 17.06.2016

It ended it's days as an instructional airframe at Loughborough College.

Crew 2 Passengers 12

Power plant 2 x 365 h.p. Napier Rapier VI

Span 57'4" Length 42'0" Height 12'0" Wing area 442 sq ft
Gross weight 8,600 lb

Max speed 204 mph Service ceiling 23,800 ft

Klaatu83, 05.08.2015

Construction of this father modern-looking airliner was constantly postponed in order that the company could complete higher-priority military orders. By the time it was finished there was little interest in it anymore, and I don't believe the prototype was ever actually flown at all.

Bill Krouwel, 09.02.2009

I believe this aircraft rather sadly ended its life by landing on a sandbank (in need of repair)- and then couldn't take off before the tide came in...

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