Blackburn F.1 Turcock
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Blackburn F.1 Turcock

A clean single-seat biplane designed by F A Bumpus and B A Duncan as a private venture to meet the requirements of Specifications F.9/26 and N.21/26, the F.1 could accept a variety of air-cooled and water-cooled engines in the 450-600hp range. The base aircraft was assigned the name Blackcock but it was intended to allocate individual names to variants as and when built. The F.1 was of all-metal construction and primarily fabric covered, and armament was intended to comprise two 7.7mm Vickers guns in the fuselage. The prototype, powered by a 446hp Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar VI 14-cylinder two-row radial, carried no armament and was flown for the first time on 14 November 1927. Built to a Turkish government contract, the prototype was allocated the name Turcock but was destroyed in an accident on 23 January 1928, no further development being undertaken.

Blackburn F.1 TurcockA three-view drawing (600 x 544)

    Take-off weight1236 kg2725 lb
    Empty weight1035 kg2282 lb
    Wingspan9.45 m31 ft 0 in
    Length7.41 m24 ft 4 in
    Height2.72 m9 ft 11 in
    Max. speed283 km/h176 mph

Ross McNeill, 29.08.2011

Aircraft crashed 23rd Jan 1928 killing F/L Dauncey of No.22 Sqn wile on speed course test at Martlesham Heath.

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