Boulton-Paul P.108 Balliol
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Boulton-Paul P.108 Balliol

Originally designed as an all-purpose advanced trainer to be fitted with an Armstrong Siddeley Mamba or Rolls-Royce Dart turboprop engine. Three versions were produced: Balliol T.1 three-seater with a Mamba engine, first flown in prototype form on 24 March 1948 to become the first aeroplane in the world to fly solely on turbo-prop power; Balliol T.2 two-seater, produced for the RAF (162) with a 928kW Rolls-Royce Merlin 35 piston engine; and Sea Balliol T.21 for the Royal Navy with deck-landing capability (30 built).

Boulton-Paul P.108 BalliolA three-view drawing (800 x 800)

 ENGINE1 x 1000shp Armstrong Siddeley Mamba
    Take-off weight3562 kg7853 lb
    Empty weight2724 kg6005 lb
    Wingspan11.99 m39 ft 4 in
    Length11.13 m37 ft 6 in
    Height3.23 m11 ft 7 in
    Wing area23.23 m2250.05 sq ft
    Max. speed494 km/h307 mph
    Ceiling11201 m36750 ft

Boulton-Paul P.108 Balliol

albert webb, 02.03.2017

It is a small world. Back in 1952-53 whilst an aero fireman at RAF no 1 FTS Moreton in Marsh, we had a Baliol trainer drop in on several occasions.
On leaving the RAF after 22 years service I migrated to Brisbane Australia.
At a mate's place on one occasion another mate of his turned up who was un known to me.
In the course of our conversation it turned out we were both in the RAF at the same time, he a trainee pilot.
In his flight training time, I saw a Baliol that often landed at Moreton in Marsh during the year that I was stationed there.
He said he did not finish the course because he bent the Baliol he was flying into Moreton.
His first name is Terry and haven't seen him for years although I know he is still living near my mate.
If anyone can recollect Terry, no doubt I can put you in touch.
Small world.
Albert Webb, 06.02.2016

I was a boy entrant at St Athens in 1957 and used to do power plant changes and ground runs on the Balliols that we had there, 03.02.2016

I was a boy entrant at St Athens in 1957 and used to do power plant changes and ground runs on the Balliols that we had there

chris forrester, 01.02.2015

I was at Boscombe Down from 1966 to 1969 and there was one
in the Navy hangar ( C squadron I think) which flew a few times. This one had the Merlin engine

Brian Miles, 29.01.2015

Was stationed @ RAF White Waltham during my National service in the late 50s. Managed to cadge a few flights with oblidging Pilots in Balliols. On one occasion performing aerobatics over the Solent. Lovely

Shackman, 09.01.2015

I graduated in February 1968 from NO 6 FTS at RAF Acklington. A Balliol flew in to be part of the static display (and beat up the dress rehearsal parade). Where did it come from, where did it go? Was this the last flight of one in the RAF?

NISSANKA, 23.08.2014

When I was in school I was very much interested in this a/c because 4 its high speed and roaring sound and design. We have seen in it our Air Museum.Any live a/c like to fly.

Andrew MacKenzie, 06.09.2013

There was a Balliol at RAF Halton when I was an apprentice there in the 76th Entry (1554-56). I don't know anything about its hsitory. Does anyone have any idea where it had been before?

Andrew MacKenzie, 06.09.2013

There was a Balliol at RAF Halton when I was an apprentice there in the 76th Entry (1554-56). I don't know anything about its hsitory. Does anyone have any idea where it had been before?

vic wroth, 30.11.2011

Interesting sojourn at Cottesmore SHQ 1953 -55. Sdrn Leader James, referred to, familiar name.Groundings for buzzing trains, Angler douchings from prop spray at reservoirs and flying under Severn bridge Etc. Took part ( as passenger) in Odiham Queens fly past referred to and subsequent Battle of Britain display over the airfield. Aircraft thrown about when undercarriage half in half out - stuck. Bail out avoided.

Frank Haynes, 18.10.2011

In 1953 I was a Cpl Engine Fitter at 7 FTS Cottesmore. When the Queen reviewed the RAF at Odiham Balliols from Cottesmore flew down there in loose formation, tightening up as Odiham was reached and we joined the flypast in our designated position. I flew in the left seat and Master Pilot Scott did all of the work in the other.In

Frank Haynes, 18.10.2011

In 1053

Galahad, 15.08.2011

We had Sea Balliols in 727 Naval Air Squadron before converting to Sea Vampires.

Albert Webb, 12.04.2011

I was at a friends house out here in Australia when another friend of his visited.
In the course of conversation we talked of the past and it turned out we were in the RAF at the same time 1953, me an aero fireman and he a trainie pilot.
I told him I was stationed at Moreton in Marsh at that time. He said he used to fly to there on training flights from Middle Wallop, I think, in the Balliol.
I quite often saw that aircraft parked on the pan.
He said he never passed his course as he said he bent the Balliol and he wouldn,t give me any more details but when I see him again I will attempt to get more from him.

M.D.Saunders, 10.12.2010

Twelve Balliols were supplied to the Royal Ceylon Air Force in Sept 1953

Dave Blackford, 29.09.2010

I was No.7 Course at 7 FTS Cottesmore - wonderful memories of flying the Balliol - felt like a spitfire with its merlin engine! Flew my FHT with Sqn Ldr James in WF997 29Jun 1953

Roy Phillips, 04.08.2009

14P and 19P Courses were the last two Training Courses at RAF Cottesmore, both "Passing Out" on 24th. March 1954. I was on 14P and I flew in this aircraft (QE. WF 997 )on 7 occasions, 5 dual and 2 solo. Fg.Off. Powell and Flt.Sgt Gibson were my instructors whilst my final flight in this aircraft was on Nov.14th.1953 when I took my Instrument Rating Test with the previously mentioned Flt.Lt.Lofting.
I think "QE" must have been Flt.Lt.Lofting's main aircraft, for all of my 7 flights took place between Nov.5th. and 14th. All the exercises covered instrument flying so I am presuming that I was "lent" the aircraft so that I could familiarise myself with its "handling" before the test.

J A Chesters, 27.01.2009

1953 RAF Cottesmore, Communications flight, Fl LT Lofting was RAF display pilot, enjoyed many flights ending with my head crushed into canopy until the engine quit, final maneuver half roll and inverted climb out poss 3-5 neg G, followed by glide?? half roll until windmilling motor coughed into life OH when I was young!!!

n carroll, 14.02.2008

Interested to read Ray's comments. My experience there very similar. Please put me in touch if possible. N. Carroll.

Ray Parish, 10.01.2007

When I was stationed at RAF Middle Wallop in 1955, I used to hitch rides in the Station Balliols. We did aerobatics, practice interceptions and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in them. Taking off on grass was a bit bumpy and it was a relief to get airborne. I was allowed the opportunity to handle the controls and that was most enjoyable. There are a number of tales I could tell about my days in Balliols. Middle Wallop at that time was the RAF's School of Control and Reporting which is why I was there doing my trade training. I later transferred to the Eastern SOC.

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