Boulton-Paul P.64 Mail-Carrier


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Boulton-Paul P.64 Mail-Carrier

In 1933 Boulton & Paul built a twin-engine all-metal biplane under a contract awarded by Imperial Airways. The airline had a requirement for a mailplane capable of carrying a 454kg payload over a 1609km range at reasonable speed, and the company considered its Boulton & Paul P.64 Mailplane to be the answer. Unfortunately it was both expensive and unsatisfactory. First flown at the company's airfield at Mousehold, Norwich, in March 1933, it lasted barely seven months before being destroyed in an unexplained fatal crash during trials at Martlesham Heath in October.

Boulton-Paul P.64 Mail-Carrier

 ENGINE2 x 555hp Bristol Pegasus I.M.2
  Take-off weight5115 kg11277 lb
  Empty weight3182 kg7015 lb
  Wingspan16.46 m54 ft 0 in
  Length12.95 m43 ft 6 in
  Height3.96 m13 ft 0 in
  Wing area70.23 m2755.95 sq ft
  Max. speed298 km/h185 mph
  Ceiling6858 m22500 ft
  Range1610 km1000 miles

Boulton-Paul P.64 Mail-CarrierA three-view drawing (900 x 766)

Boulton-Paul P.64 Mail-Carrier

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