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CFM Shadow

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Barry, 05.04.2016

What is so surprising is that a Micro Light is included within this site, having said that they are on the Bulgarian pages. 397 or more Shadows have been built and further developed as the Streak and the Star Streak. The Indian Air Force ordered and took delivery of 24 Shadows starting in 2001 in what was the largest single order for a Micro Light. First powered by 53 h.p. Fuji EC44 Robin, later replaced by the current 40 h.p. Rotax 447 air cooled two stroke. The later Shadow E has a 65 h.p Rotax 582 or 80 h.p. Rotax 912 liquid cooled engines.
Shadow E spec.
Span 32'10" Length 20'1" Height 5'9" Wing area 164 sq ft
Empty Weight 474 lb Max Take off Weight 937 lb
Cruising speed 99 mph Range 426 miles

Muther Mazaal, 12.01.2015

Any information about aircraft

patrick, 02.02.2011

how much do you want for it ,

Henrik Brinck Hansen, 18.06.2008

The first CMF-SHADOW serial B build in 1983 is now for sale in Norway. If you want this special aeroplane please contact

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