Chilton DW.1
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Chilton DW.1

A low-wing, fixed undercarriage wooden light aircraft, the DW.1 was built in small numbers. It won the 1939 Lympne-Folkestone air race. For many, this type epitomizes the golden era of pre-World War II British light aircraft design. As a consequence examples survive today and others are being newly built from plans by enthusiasts.

Chilton DW.1

 ENGINE1 x 30hp Carden Ford piston engine
    Wingspan7.30 m24 ft 11 in
    Length5.49 m18 ft 0 in
    Height1.30 m4 ft 3 in
    Max. speed180 km/h112 mph
    Range160 km99 miles

Peter H, 21.03.2015

According to the 1938 write-up in "Flight" and the company's advert, the range was 500 miles not 99 as stated above

adolf jaeger, 26.12.2010

Idiotic comment, Hancocks. Light and low-powered sportsplanes were built in Germany as well at the same time period, just us England built their own killing machines.

John Hancocks, 25.03.2010

I look at the performance figures and my blood runs cold. While the gentlemen amateurs of the UK fussed around with primitive, low tech. items such as the Chilton and the Comper Swift, in Germany technocrats were wasting no time on such playschool antics, they concentrated on high performance killing machines soon to be unleashed on a World largely unprepared.

john mcdonald, 13.01.2010

Do you require more Chilton photographs?
Juhn McDpnald, Chilton DW1 (1938) GAFGI

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