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CLW Curlew

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Barry, 05.04.2016 14:12

With backing from S.W.Cole of Ekco Radio, this plane was designed by Arthur Levell and Francis Welman (hence CLW) to feature a new type of single spar duralumin structure that would save weight without incurring any loss of strength. Making it's first flight from Gravesend on the 3rd September 1936 it performed extremely well. Unusual for the time the 7 cylinder 90 h.p. Pobjoy Niagara III was enclosed in a "power egg" assembly. Cole withdrew his backing and although some good interest had been shown in the plane the company entered bankruptcy with the Curlew gaining it's C of A at Martlesham Heath in November 1936 and where it was stored throughout the war and then broken up in 1948.

Span 27'0" Length 21'6" Height 9'0" Wing area 116 sq ft
Empty Weight 970 lb Gross weight 1,500 lb
Max Speed 120 mph Cruise speed 110 mph Range 380 miles


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