Cody Michelin Cup
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Cody Michelin Cup

After carrying out more than a year of test flights in his British Army Aeroplane No 1, in which he made the first powered heavier- than-air flight in Great Britain on 16 October 1908, the American expatriate Samuel Franklin Cody built another biplane to compete for the first Michelin Cup. This aircraft, named simply the Cody Michelin Cup Biplane, resembled his first machine, but had improved controls and used ailerons instead of the wing-warping technique.

In this second biplane, Cody established British records for endurance and distance, flying 152.08km in 2 hours 45 minutes. On 31 December 1910, he won the Micheiin Cup and broke his own records, covering a distance of 298.47km in a time of 4 hours 47 minutes.

Cody Michelin Cup

 ENGINE1 x 60hp E.N.V. F 8-cylinder water-cooled inline engine
    Take-off weight1138 kg2509 lb
    Wingspan14.02 m46 ft 0 in
    Length11.73 m39 ft 6 in
    Height3.96 m13 ft 0 in
    Max. speed105 km/h65 mph

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