Dart Kitten
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Dart Kitten

There is no text information for this aircraft at the moment.

Cliff Whitwell, 27.12.2011

G-AEXT is now privately owened and based at Breighton [Real Aeroplane Club] and should be seen flying most weekends [weather permiting]. see their web site for more details.

Johan Nykvist, 26.03.2008

I just saw, in the current number of Aeroplane monthly (march 08) a picture of it, taken in august 27th 1939! Photo is taken by a mr. Eddie J. Riding, on Bronxbourne, Herts & Essex Aero Club.
The full model name is Dart Kitten MkII. S/N 123

This plane has acordingly to its age, a very intresting
and long history.
But its still AIRWORTHY!!!
And has a lovley home, at the The Shuttleworth Collection
The aircraft is in excellent condition!!


Please have fun, and contact the Shuttleworth Collection, and fill in on its history!

And I am sure you will know alot more of it!

Johan Nykvist, Sweden

Margaret Lake, 17.02.2008

my father, W.B.Shaw, owned this plane before the second world war and it would be nice to know what ever happened to it although he died aged 95 about 5 years ago

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