Deekay Knight
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Deekay Knight

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Barry, 05.04.2016

Built at the now defunct Broxbourne Aerodrome the Knight did indeed have a unique wing that the roots, not the wing itself, were tested at the R.A.E. Farnborough failed at 12.3 times the aircraft weight well in excess of the target 9 times. Built in wood they were envisaged to built later using plastic skinning. Powered by a 90 h.p Blackburn Cirrus Minor it was fitted as a two seater and it was probably scrapped sometime in W.W. II.

Span 31'6" Length 22'10" Height 6'1" Wing area 140 sq ft
Empty weight 850 lb Gross weight 1450 lb

Max speed 125 mph Cruising speed 105 mph Service Ceiling 17,500 ft

Oscar Gajardo, 16.04.2008

The Deekay Aircraft Corp. Ltd. was formed in 1937 to build aircraft using a new type of wing constrution developed by mr S.C. Hart-Still.
The first machine incorporating this form of wing is the Deekay "Knight" two seat cabin monoplane,the wings of this aircraft are in wood, but developments are in hand for the use of plastic materials and as experience is gained with the plastic construction so its use will be extended
to the production aircraft of the company. (From Jane's All Aircraft of the World - 1938 )

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