Fairey F.128
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Fairey F.128

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Fairey F.128

 ENGINE1 x 260hp Sunbeam Maori II 12-cylinder in-line engine
    Take-off weight4159 kg9169 lb
    Empty weight2970 kg6548 lb
    Wingspan46.2 m152 ft 7 in
    Length36 m118 ft 1 in
    Height11.10 m36 ft 5 in
    Wing area476 m25123.62 sq ft
    Max. speed104 km/h65 mph
    Ceiling14000 m45950 ft
 ARMAMENT1 x 7.7mm machine-gun, 2 x 50kg bombs

Mike Allen, 11.05.2017

The top picture is actually the F127 N9 note the almost sesquiplane wings against the lower photo of F128 N10 with two-bay wings.

Barry, 06.03.2015

The F128 (N10) was the prototype of the Fairey III it featured side radiators to the Sunbeam Maori engine.

Jim Lloyd, 11.03.2009

Must have the units mixed up, meters is feet etc.

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