Fairey Fantome


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Fairey Fantome

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Fairey Fantome

Fairey FantomeA three-view drawing (1286 x 1160)

Anonymous, 01.04.2021 16:56

Designed and built to meet a Belgian Air Force requirement, the "Fantome" was an example of the apex of single-seat biplane fighter design. Unfortunately, it came out at a time when the the writing was already on the wall that the single-seat biplane fighter would soon become a thing of the past.


Matt, e-mail, 13.03.2017 22:50

Robert, Im planing to build the Fantome as an 1 /5 scale RC. Still got the scanned pics? I would be grateful to get a copy.


victor d chua, e-mail, 29.04.2016 01:25

Mr. Crossman was Fantome also seabase plane? Please send me picture too. Thanks


Robert Crossman, e-mail, 21.03.2010 22:26

The zenith of British fighter-biplane design was attained by the private-venture Fantome of 1935. The name Feroce was conferred later.An entrant for the Belgian fighter competition to find a successor for the Fairey "Firefly II" It had provision for a French Hispano-Suiza 12crs moteur canon with an Oerlikon 20mm gun firing through the airscrew hub and 4 rifle-bore Browning guns as made in Belguim by the Fabrique National.One aircraft only was supplied to the Royal Air Force for evaluation.The prototype in Belguim crashed on trials close to their monarch King Leopold.It did not go into production.
I have two clear 8 X 10" photos sent to to me pre-war by Fairey Aircraft Co. that I could scan to you if required.


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