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Fairey Gordon

The Fairey Gordon was almost identical to the Fairey IIIF, except for having a 391kW Armstrong Siddeley Panther IIA radial air-cooled engine in place of the Napier Lion water-cooled engine. It was a medium-range day bomber with a forward-firing Vickers machine-gun mounted on the left side of the fuselage and a rear-mounted Lewis gun. Up to 209kg of bombs could be carried and a prone bombing position was provided in the fuselage.

The prototype flew for the first time in 1930 and a total of 163 were built for the RAF, including a small number of trainers. Compared to the IIIF, the Gordon offered a considerable increase in speed, due mainly to the increased efficiency of the engine and a lighter AUW. In addition to the production Gordon Is, 24 refined Gordon IIs were built for the RAF and about 90 IIIFs were brought up to Gordon standard. They remained operational until 1938. A number were also exported, production examples going to China and Brazil, while RAF types were passed to Egypt and New Zealand.

Gordon Mk IIA three-view drawing of Gordon Mk II (670 x 654)

 ENGINE1 x Armstrong Siddeley Panther IIA, 391kW
  Take-off weight2679 kg5906 lb
  Empty weight1588 kg3501 lb
  Wingspan13.94 m46 ft 9 in
  Length11.20 m37 ft 9 in
  Height4.32 m14 ft 2 in
  Wing area40.69 m2437.98 sq ft
  Max. speed233 km/h145 mph
  Cruise speed177 km/h110 mph
  Ceiling6705 m22000 ft
  Range966 km600 miles

Sam Cadigan, e-mail, 26.08.2014 07:27

For anyone interested my Grandad, Walter G. Raphael was pilot to the only surviving Gordon left. NZ629.

Crashing due to wind in the Southern Alps of New Zealand the plane was then recovered by Charles Darby who found the plane with Wally's assistance.

The plane is still in New Zealand and is waiting to undergo restoration. I am now endeavouring to raise the funds to get the plane restored to flying condition.

Please contact me on cadiganspc@gmail.com if you want any further info on the plane or if you can help with fund raising. Thanks.


austin Stewart., e-mail, 30.05.2012 21:10

My Dad was an air gunner on this aircraft with 40b sqdn. in kohat india,I have his flying log book & dated flying in K1736 as pictured on 10 /08 /1932. his pilot was f /lt.Bilney.
My Dad was a sgt. at the time in India, he was there for 5 years, 1929-34 I think, N.West frontier?
I cant believe I found this info.its 80 years ago!.
He was also with 60b sqdn. fling in w.wapatis.similar era of the 5 year stint.
Nyone was similar history, maybe of your Da, /grandad, please e-mail.
Regards, A.Stewart. [lincs]


Adrian Tickner, e-mail, 04.04.2020 austin Stewart.

Stumbled on this site recently.
My father was also an air gunner /photographer on Fairey Gordons, in the Sudan in the 30s. 47 Squadron.

Regards Adrian


Nige Paine, e-mail, 24.01.2010 00:21

One of these aircraft was fitted with a Napier Culverin (Junkers Jumo 204) 720HP opposed piston diesel engine. Can anyone shed any futher light on this experiment?


P J Binns, e-mail, 14.10.2009 14:31

See A G Dudgeon's 'The War That Never Was' Airlife Publishing 1991, for a record of the Gordon's use in combat by No 4 Flying Training School, Habbaniya, Iraq 1941. Other than this combat missions seem to have been restricted to NW Frontier and ?Sudan?


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