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Fairey Pintail

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Fairey Pintail

Fairey PintailA three-view drawing (1304 x 1060)

Barry, 06.03.2015 14:02

There were in fact four different marks of this aircraft. The Mark I (illustrated), was superseded by the Mark II which featured a longer fuselage, and in turn the Mark III which featured floats with encased wheels. The final version was the Mark IV, three of which were exported to the Imperial Japanese Navy which featured a raised upper wing. The R.A.F. did not accept the Pintail into service possibly because whilst the upper view for the crew was first rate the downward view was somewhat lacking.
Crew 2
Wingspan 40'0" Length 32'3" Hieght 11'0" Weight 4,700lb
Power 1 x 475hp Napier Lion W12
Armament I forward firing .303" Vicker gun and one or two .303 Lewis gun mounted on Scarff ring in the rear cockpit


maciek_r, 20.06.2010 16:05

Links for all pictures appears to be broken.


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