General Aircraft ST-25
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General Aircraft ST-25

Last version of the General Aircraft Monospar was the ST-25, a four-seater with occasional fifth seat, in three variants, Jubilee, De Luxe and Universal. Powered by two 90 or 95hp Pobjoy Niagara engines, 57 were built before production ceased in 1939.

Barry, 22.06.2016

The photograph is of the ST 25 Universal which featured a twin fin and rudder arrangement of which 29 were built between 1936 and 1939.

Spec. for the earlier ST 25 Jubilee of which some thirty were built between 1935 and 1936.

Power plant 2 x 90 h.p. Pobjoy Niagara II 7 cylinder radial engines.

Span 40'2" Length 26'4" Height 7'10" Wing area 217 sq ft
Empty weight 1,680 lb Gross weight 2,875 lb

Max speed 142 mph Range 585 miles Service ceiling 16,000 ft

tom, 10.12.2009

can anyone send me plans for a full size replecia

Leo Rudnicki, 30.05.2009

One of the directors of this company was Sir William S. Stephenson, called Intrepid.

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