Glenny & Henderson HSF.2 Gadfly
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Glenny & Henderson HSF.2 Gadfly

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Barry, 06.04.2016

Designed by K.N.Pearson and built by Glenny & Henderson at Byfleet Surrey, the first model of only three produced was the 35 h.p. ABC Scorpion II powered example illustrated. The next model the Gadfly II had rotary ailerons and just one was built and flown in September 1929. The Gadfly I was brought up to the same standard. The original Gadfly II was exported to Canada where it was damaged beyond repair in August 1931. The Gadfly III featured 40 h.p. Salmson AD9 radial and was retired in 1930. The original Gadfly was based at Wolverhampton until it was scrapped in June 1934.

Spec. Gadfly II
Span 25'10" Length 17'10" Empty weight 455 lb Gross weight 750 lb
Maximum Speed 72 mph Range 350 miles

Alan Smith, 23.04.2014

The above is the Gadfly 1 photographed at Brooklands aerodrome, probably in 1929.

, 17.06.2011

Thank you.

Frank Sansonetti, 02.03.2010

where can i find more pictures of this aircraft?
I fly RC plane and found plan. sure would love to see more of it.Thank you.

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