Gloster VI
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Gloster VI

Two built.

Gloster VI

 ENGINE1 x Napier Lion VIID, 984kW
    Take-off weight1669 kg3680 lb
    Empty weight1036 kg2284 lb
    Wingspan7.92 m26 ft 0 in
    Length8.23 m27 ft 0 in
    Height3.29 m11 ft 10 in
    Wing area9.85 m2106.02 sq ft
    Max. speed565 km/h351 mph

beiguo, 20.06.2011

In the end, they weren't up to scratch and were used only as 'reserves, hacks and backup trainers';

, 20.06.2011

Gloster VI

Bob Foley, 11.05.2011

Gloster V I distinguishing features
wing roots slender, three bank Napier Lion engine not Rolls Royce V 12
vertical fin and rudder not as tall as S6 - S6A -S6B
I am looking for color pictures (paintings)

rod humphries, 20.02.2010

Yep, I have a shot of this in the water with handling crew. Always thought it was a Supermarine but i guess not.

hugh beyts, 26.04.2009

"are you aware......?" and is 25ft 12in equal to 26ft!

Dave Reed, 12.02.2009

Does anyone have ANY interior info or drawings on either the VI or IV??

David Cooper, 21.12.2008

I am very interested in the Gloster VI color schemes. Are there color prints of both the Old Gold, and Cambridge Blue/Old Gold schemes?

Brian O'Loughlin, 17.12.2008

Are there any decent blueprints available of this aircraft? I think its one of the most beautiful ever and would like to build a model someday. I'd like to see the painting too.

mike newby, 02.10.2008

I have now painted a picture of the Gloster VI in flight. email me for a copy

mike newby, 22.02.2008

This aircraft had thicker wings at 2/3 span than at roots, which was claimed to improve the low speed handling. Failure of the fuel supply in turns prevented racing use, but world speed record set 9th Sept 1929 of 336mph.

Chris Dunklau, 20.10.2007

The top photo on this article seems to show a Supermarine S-6B, not a Gloster VI

George White, 11.01.2007

Two aircraft, belonging to High Speed Flight of RAF, were built as potential Schneider Trophy contestants in the 1929 event. They were registered N249 & N250 by RAF. In the end, they weren't up to scratch and were used only as 'reserves, hacks and backup trainers';

William Lee Kohler, 09.11.2006

Are you aware that the picture you have for the Gloster VI is in fact a Supermarine racer instead?

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