Granger Archaeopteryx
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Granger Archaeopteryx

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Dave Smith, 14.03.2017

Hello Marianne,

Thank you for posting this information about your grandfather and his Archaeopteryx aircraft. Please let me know when the first flight will be after the restoration. Dave Smith
South Jordan, UT, USA

Marianne Shillingford, 21.01.2017


My grandfather John Granger built and flew the Archaeopteryx with his brother. They were indeed extraordinarily pioneering and adventurous souls. His son Richard is restoring it at present and it is nearly finished - and ready to fly again. Drop me a line if you want to be put in touch. Marianne

Barry, 07.04.2016

Apparently this bird has passed back into the hands of the Grainger family and is being restored to flying condition. Originally designed and built by brothers R.F.T. and R.J.T. Grainger the Achaeopteryx first flew in October 1930 although underpowered it flew regularly until 1936 when it was stored for 30 years. It was later presented to the Shuttleworth Trust who restored it back to flying condition, with it flying for he first time in June 1971. Later as noted it was returned to the Grainger family for restoration once again.

Power Plant 1 x 32 .p. Bristol Cherub
Span 27'6" Length 14'10" Wing area 102 sq ft Empty weight 400 lb Gross weight 612 lb
Maximum Speed 95 mph Cruising speed 75 mph

Matt Ercolino, 26.06.2014

Hi. I'm looking for 3 view pictures, plans or anything that would be helpful in making an RC model of this plan. C.darwin: are you still able/willing to put people in touch with the original Granger family? I'd sure appreciate anything anyone has to offer here. Thanks!

Brian Johnston, 28.07.2012

I would imagine this is a descendant of the Dunne biplane and monoplane designs. There were derivatives built by Voisin (I think) and certainly Burgess in the States who built them as the Burgess-Dunne Hydro-biplane. It was a design that popped up again in later years as the Westland Archaeopteryx.

, 17.06.2011


Chris Peters, 27.03.2011

Any info pertaining to the Granger Archaeopteryx would greatly be appreciated. 3-view drawings, specs., or any contact information. I'm trying to build an R/C version. Thanks

C Darwin, 03.02.2011

I can put you in touch with the son of the
Granger who designed, built and flew this tailless ultra-light.

Aero-Fox, 18.08.2009

Seems to me this could be an early experiment in delta-wing aircraft, or flying-wing shapes...

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