Handley Page Type A Blue Bird


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Handley Page Type A Blue Bird

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Barry, 19.11.2015 17:55

The Type A, later known as the HP 1 used a crescent type wing patented by Jose Weiss and was powered by a 20 h.p. Advance V4 air cooled engine. There was no way of controlling the plane in the air as it had neither wing warping or ailerons. On the 26th May 1910 Handley Page made a few short hops but crashed the plane when he attempted a turn. He rebuilt it as the Type C or HP 3 incorporating wing warping and using 50 h.p. Isaacson radial engine, but the craft resisted all attempts to fly.
Span 32'6" Length 20' 6" All up weight 450 lb


loulou, 18.06.2011 09:29

My question is why after it crashed was there any more development on it or research? Was there even a production on it or did the company moved on to other projects


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