Handley Page H.P.57 Halifax
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Handley Page H.P.57 Halifax

The first prototype with four "Merlin X" engines flew in 1938. Entered production in 1939. A total of 6167 machines were built, including 4751 bombers. As transport plane was in service until 1952.

Handley Page H.P.57 HalifaxA three-view drawing (676 x 720)

 ENGINE4 x Bristol Hercules 100, 1325kW
    Take-off weight24980-30845 kg55072 - 68002 lb
    Empty weight17500 kg38581 lb
    Wingspan31.8 m104 ft 4 in
    Length21.4 m70 ft 3 in
    Height6.3 m21 ft 8 in
    Wing area118.5 m21275.52 sq ft
    Max. speed502 km/h312 mph
    Ceiling7310 m24000 ft
    Range w/max.fuel3540 km2200 miles
    Range w/max.payload2030 km1261 miles
 ARMAMENT9 x 7.7mm machine-guns, 6550kg of bombs

Handley Page H.P.57 Halifax

Handley Page H.P.57 Halifax

Bruce LeCren, 14.05.2015

For Michael Hicken and Ray Kemp...
My father was Denis LeCren and flew as part of the "Hicken's Chickens" crew of 426 squadron.Michael, we visited your dad a few years ago at his home and met you and your family.
Ray, I would love to get in touch.

andrewjhitchman@talktalk.net, 13.09.2013

My Dad Joseph Hitchman DFC OF 158 Squadron Lisset was the first pilot of the best known Halifax 3 Friday 13th LV907. If anyone is interested in his story please get in touch

Garry Meyer, 05.02.2013

My father JK Ken Meyer was a Bomb Aimer the the 431st Squadron. He flew with Sgt Mc Vicar on over 40 missions in 1 tour from May 44 through September 44. I have his logbooks which include; receipts for his bombs, maps, identity card, language conversion card and a title to a car that he won in a card game. His Irvin Air Chute 1940 jacket is still in one piece. After the war he requested his bombsight photos from the war ministry. There is an envelope postmarked in 1946 from Ottawa with photos from each mission. Quite a collection that will be passed down in the family.

Michael Hicken, 08.12.2012

Ray Kemp,
My Father Howard Hicken was the pilot of your Dad's crew. I would love to discuss further and see any pictures that you may have. mhicken20@gmail.com I can figure out the email listed but if you could email me that would be great.

Ray Kemp, 28.11.2012

My Dad was a flight engineer on the Halifax and did 2 tours of ops , I think it was 40 raids ? He was the only Brit in the crew of 7 , the rest were all Canadians and the pilot was F/O Hicken and if I remember correctly the squadron number was 426 . The other crew members were FS Cohen , FS Hodson , F/O Myers , FS LeCren , Sgt Morgan and of course my Dad Sgt Kemp .I have some amazing original pics of the squadron and target tokens if anyone wants to have a look .

George Sveinbjornson, 21.02.2012

My uncle was a bomb aimer on this aircraft and flew 35 missions between 1943 and 1945. I believe he said he was with 76 squadron with the RCAF. On return from a bombing run he said the pilot often let him take over the controls so he could get a bit of sleep. At times the crew would sit on their parachutes as this gave them better protection from flack. He said the nazis didn't like the Halifax very much, a testimony to their effectiveness.

Clipper, 01.08.2011

How long did your father serve? I was a tail gunner with 427 in 1943. We flew Mad Dog for twelve ops before I lost my leg. The Halibag was tough, for some reason we had a Boulton-Paul twin-gun turret for our bombardier Smudge in addition to our standard four-gun turrets. I don't think any other plane had that configuration, and the erks got rid of it after op No. 3. I think that pissed Smudge off, he liked the turret. The single Vickers always seemed to be knocking him on the old block when he was at his Mickey Mouse.

Fraser Hoare, 05.05.2011

My Father was a Pilot in 427(RCAF)and flew these for a couple of years on the Northern Europe raids out of Leeming.

Barry, 21.02.2011

Like it's more famous contempory, the Avro Lancaster, the "Halibag" was first designed to take two Rolls Royce Vulture engines fortunately a decision was made to use four Rolls Roce Merlins. Under specification P13/36 the gross weght was set at 26,300lb which was to grow in the fullness of time to 68000lb. This plane was as stable and as reliable a plane as anyone could wish. The early marks, MkI and MkII gave away eventually to the definitive Bristol Hercules powered MkIII. Later marks were used by coastal command and transport command. The transport model was the C.VIII which featured a quick change 8000lb cargo pannier in place of the bomb bay with seating for 11 passengers. This in turn led to the post war Halton transport illustrated in the photo above. The final mission in RAF service was by a GR VI ex Gibraltar in March 1952 with the L'Armee de l'Air phasing out their B.VI at about the same time.

James Bowles, 21.12.2010

My Father in-law( Edward Moorecroft) was a rear tail gunner in a Halifax

Mike Young, 12.12.2010

My father was a Flight Engineer on Halifax II's and V's with 518 Met. Squadron operating from Tiree in the Hebrides.
He considered it to be the "Queeen of the skies".

Ben May, 07.09.2010

I flew as flight engineer on Mk. 3 Halifaxes in 1944-45 and as far as I am concerned it was a first class aircraft. We used to synchronise the engines by looking through the overlapping props and taping the C.S.U.(constant speed unit)lever until the shadow was stationary. Unlike the Lancaster (which I also served on)it was a nice warm aircraft with it's air-cooled engines. Anyone from No. 420 Sqdn. still around ?

Graham, 08.12.2009

My father flew as a tail gunner in the Halifax and tells me that the Hercules engines when synchronised sounded better than the merlins!!!

paul scott, 09.09.2009

Yes, Lester, probably the best sounding engine of WW2 - certainly the best performer in my opinion - as you know, it transformed the P51 100%.

radek, 11.02.2009

oooh man....sound of pure power of victory....love that..

Lester, 08.09.2008

Having heard the sweet music of a single Merlin in a P-51, I can't imagine what four of them must sound like.

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